10 Different Aerobic Exercises At Home

There are different aerobic exercises at home that you must know and 10 of them would be discussed today.

Aerobic exercises at home Aerobic exercises are also known as cardio exercises. Meanwhile, there are a lot of ways to improve cardiovascular fitness through aerobic or cardio exercises which in turn increases our heart rate.

So we will be discussing the different Aerobic exercises at home today.

Different Aerobic Exercises At Home and in Open Fields In this section, we are going to discuss a list of aerobic exercises! By the way, you should know that this type of exercises can help us lose weight and improve our cardiovascular endurance. It is a matter of choosing those that best suit our characteristics.

So checkout these cardio exercises for beginners below;

• Walking Out of the different aerobic exercises at home, walking is one of the best ways to increase our cardiovascular capacity. It is one of those exercises that are not very aggressive and easy to perform, compared to the others. Some of the major benefits of walking are highlighted below. • It causes an interesting effect on us, aside from helping us to evolve physically. • It strengthens the muscles of the entire body, especially those of the lower body. •  It helps us reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer and suffering from osteoporosis. Finally, it is a low-impact exercise that most people can do without problems and is great for helping us lose weight, especially during pregnancy. Walking for 30 minutes a day at a moderate intensity is a good way to start exercising. Walking for a longer period is even better. But not everyone has the time or does not have the optimal physical capacities to do it. As we progress, we will be able to do this type of aerobic exercise at a faster pace. Going up and down stairs or uphill is also a good way to increase endurance and strength in your legs. Meanwhile, if our goal is to lose weight, the Spanish National Heart Foundation recommends walking at a moderate intensity for 45-60 minutes, 5 days a week.
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• Running Like walking, running is an aerobic exercise that can be practiced easily, being able to choose any place or time that when at home. It is beneficial because it helps us improve the health of the heart and bones. The advantage of running over walking is that it improves the state of the heart and burns calories at a higher rate. It takes about an hour to burn the same calories by walking as by running at a moderate pace for 30 minutes. Running, however, is a high-impact aerobic exercise so the risk of injury is higher than with walking. The most common problems include knee injuries, shin pain, and ankle sprains. We should try to run on dirt tracks or in the field rather than on the road, as this puts less stress on the feet and knees. Also, we need proper running shoes, which are designed to cushion the impact of running. Therefore, running made to our list of 10 different aerobic exercises at home. • Swimming If walking or running is boring, swimming can be a fun way to get aerobic exercise. It is a workout that places little stress on the entire body. Especially the muscles of the back, shoulders and arms, in addition to helping us improve flexibility. It is a good way to exercise if we are overweight, pregnant, or have joint problems. Since water helps maintain our weight and can reduce pressure on the joints. The risk of muscle, ligament or joint injuries is very low. Swimming, however, is less effective for weight loss than walking or running. And despite not being an exercise that is done with weight, it does not reduce the risk of bone loss. At this point, you can tell why swimming is among the different aerobic exercises at home. Just make sure you have a pool or a shallow water body close to your home. Aquarobic Just like swimming, these aerobic exercise sessions are done in a pool and are available in some fitness centers or health services in our region. The aqua aerobic is a low impact exercise that helps us improve the health of the heart and muscle strength without damaging the joints. It is especially suitable for anyone pregnant, has joint problems, or is overweight.
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• Cycling I strongly believe that cycling shouldn’t be missing out from the different aerobic exercise at home because it does double duty as an aerobic exercise, as well as being a very fun sport to practice. Besides, it helps us to improve leg strength and tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks, in exchange for less stress on the joints compared to running or walking. If we prefer, we can use stationary bikes to exercise at home, instead of a “free” bike. • Rowing The paddle is a type of aerobic exercise can also help us improve the health of the heart and strengthen the muscles of the upper body, back and abdomen. We can enjoy rowing in the air or inside our homes, using a rowing machine. It is important to use the correct technique to avoid injury, especially to the lower back. Other common injuries are knee pain, tendonitis in the wrist, and blisters on the hands. Rowing also made it to our list of 10 different aerobic exercises at home. • Boxing This is a good aerobic exercise that also increases the upper body strength and helps fight stress. It’s not an easy physical activity, and it demands a great deal of physical strength and cardiovascular endurance when done properly. It is perfect for losing weight, gaining strength and having the means to defend ourselves. You can perform this aerobic exercise at home in your back yard. It is okay for it to also belong to the list of cardiovascular endurance exercises at home. • Cardio Classes Available in most gyms and sports centres, and can also be organized in your home, providing there is space. These classes keep us moving to music using a variety of different exercises that increase your heart rate. Also, there are new sports modalities that help us improve our cardiovascular condition in an incredible way, such as CrossFit and MovNat. Although the most famous are spinning and aerobics. They are sports disciplines that we can do both at home and in the gym. Luckily, they are relatively straightforward to perform initial and are easily scalable until they get difficult. Another of the great advantages is that we can find a lot of material to help us on the internet.
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• Team sport Fast-paced sports such as soccer, basketball, or handball provide adequate aerobic work. And also, they help us improve muscle strength and bone structure. Meanwhile, there is some risk of injury, especially to the knees and ankles. Therefore, work together with this type of aerobic exercise with other movements. It is true that simply playing a normal game can help. But, it is important to take time to focus on perfecting certain movements. Especially when we are not aware that we are not doing it correctly. It may lead to injury in the long run. Exercises such as squats, or certain types of push-ups, will help us strengthen and muscle our knees, pectorals, shoulders and elbows. Which, in addition to helping us improve our physical performance, will make us more resistant to any type of injury. The team is one of the different aerobic exercises at home that we touched today. Just find a field close to you, then you are good to go. • Dance Fast dance styles like jazz, Zumba, African and Latin American dances, which can improve our aerobic fitness. Also, it allows us to improve flexibility and bone resistance. It is also a very fun activity and an indoor activity that you can do in any weather condition, even at home without problems. They have a great advantage that they are perfectly scalable disciplines. That is, they have routines or movements for beginners. It should be one of your favorite on our list of 10 different aerobic exercises at home. Conclusion – Different Aerobic Exercises at Home We were able to discuss different cardio exercises at home no equipment. It is now left for you to pick your favourite or the one that suits you the most. Anyone you are picking, you should ensure you grow from beginners’ level to advanced level. Don’t forget to share these different aerobic exercises at home with your colleagues who might find it useful. Thanks.

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