10 Exercises to Stay Fit and Get Your Desired Shape


Staying fit and in shape requires some level of discipline and consistency which include but not all, dietary, good habits and also some spices of physical workout. This may not require you going to the gym, or perhaps voluntary visit once in a while to the gym house if need be.

People with nice shape and buildup are often admired when they are dressed or partly unclad at the pool when in bikini or swimming trunk.

However, losing weight and gaining such adorable physic does not always come cheap in terms of cash and determination, having to work out every early hours of the morning.


What is Exercise?

Any activity or sets of activities that are set up, arranged and or organized to develop, build or hone a skill, an ability or skills is known as exercise.

It is also any physical practical workout where the body is enhanced, improved, maintained and kept fit always for an overall wellness of health and strength.

Ride on with me as we savour the content of this article. Herein, I will be showing you some quick result attaining exercises that is capable of making you stay fit and give you that shape you have always dreamt of.

All you need is just a little determination and persistence. Though it’s not going to be so sweet at the beginning, but it offers a promising and enjoying result when you are used to it.

Who knows? You might end up being a role model to someone out there.


Benefits of Exercise

The merits of working out are so numerous to imagine, as it goes beyond just staying fit and in shape, but also stretches to the improvement and maintenance of your overall wellbeing and health condition. It also enhances and stabilizes your pulse and heart condition.


Here are some importance of exercising and staying fit.


  • Enhances Sex Life

Based on personal findings and research, it has been proven that exercise helps to boost one’s sex life(sexual urge).

Regularly engagement in physical exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, increase flexibility, enhance the circulation of blood and muscles. All these help to improve sexual life.

Sexual urge or pleasure, sexual activeness and sexual performance can easily be enhanced when one engages in exercise or work out.


  • Crushes weight.

Regular engagement in exercise helps to speed up metabolic process, thereby burning more fat/colories in the body. In contrast, inactivity helps to build up weight gain and fat accumulation.

Therefore, physical activity is a quick and better way to burn calories and lose great weight without adverse effects.


  • Development of bones and muscles


It is no news that physical exercise plays one of the major roles in bones and muscles building and maintenence.

Regular physical exercise helps to prevent osteoporosis (openings in bones) in old age, increase muscles and build stronger bones in both the young and aging.


  • Reduces the risk of disease.

Inactivity is one major cause of obesity and some other diseases. Good and regular workout helps in the lowering of blood pressure, decreases blood fat levels and improve body composition, insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular wellness.

This implies that routine work out contributes largely in decreasing the vulnerability of being obessed and getting some other chronic diseases.

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  • Improve relaxation and sleep quality.

Older people who get involved in regular physical activity tend to have better relaxation time and far more better sleep quality more than those who don’t, especially people who suffer insomnia.

Heat generated during work out drops when you sleep, there by improving sleep quality. Therefore, good and regular exercise depletes energy which arouses the convalescence process during your sleep and relaxation.


Now, let me show you ten exercises that can help you stay fit and get your desired shape.

walk or run

1. A walk or a Run.

With the availability of means of mobility, long walk is almost going into extinction. It is fun, easier and faster to drive but less healthy compared to working out. This has almost snatched the  need to walk long walk.

Walking or running is one exercise we should not undermine as it has a great benefit for one’s overall health. It can be done at home or in the gym using a treadmill. It can also be done outdoors.

Running or walking gives a great deal of fun too, having to enjoy the natural outdoor views and the breathe of fresh air.

This exercise helps you develop healthy bones and muscles, enhances mental functioning, reduces high blood sugar sensitivity, and the chance of cardiovascular disease development, improves blood pressure, gives good sleep quality and of course allow you lose weight so as to gain an attractive fit and awesome shape.



2. Jumping.

Jumping as a physical activity also helps in improving one’s cardiovascular well-being. It develops the calves, thigh, abs, deltoid, and also helps in strengthening the ankles.


There are different ways you can exercise your body by jumping, and they are:

  • Jumping jack: this type of jumping involves a full body exercise. It develops all large muscle groups. Jumping jack is done by having both feet closed with both arms by your sides, while standing, jump with your feet spread out and hands thrown overhead. Return to the start position and repeat the whole process to the number of times you can.
  • Jumping /skipping rope: with the skipping rope in your hand, stretch out your arms by your sides, jump up and down alternately on the balls of your feet while rotating your wrist simultaneously as you spin the jumping rope.
  • Jumping /skipping without rope: this process is the same as the one illustrated above (jumping rope). The difference is that no rope is required.



3. Swimming

It’s lots of fun swimming. However, the health benefits of it is very interesting. It is also one of the greatest exercises that keeps you fit at all age, both physically and mentally fit.

Nearly all of your muscles are involved in swimming which makes it a full body work out. Hence, it helps to build and maintain a healthy heart, healthy weight, increase muscle strength, ensure cardiovascular fitness, relieve stress while increasing your heart rate. It improves balance, flexibility, body posture and coordination.

This exercise can be done in the pool, rivers, beaches, and other bodies of water. However, it is highly important that you consider your safety and ensure an instructor is around especially if you are still learning how to swim.


4. Dance

This may come funny to you seeing dancing as an exercise. A lot of people don’t actually know that dancing can indeed help you to maintain a healthy weight and burn some calories.


According to a certified personal trainer in South Florida, Arnit Kobryniec, an hour spent dancing can burn up to 450 calories.


Some other benefits of dancing as an exercise include:

  • It helps you manage your weight.
  • It enhances your agility and coordination.
  • It improves your flexibility and mental functioning.
  • It reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • It enhances stronger bones, muscle strength and aerobic fitness.
  • Improves your lungs and heart rate condition.
  • It reduces skin disease.



5. Squat

Squat is an exercise that has proven to be highly effective in building the body especially the lower part of the body. It’s muscle development stretches from the stomach, quadriceps, hamstring, hip flexors, butts, calves and down to the ankle.

To squat, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms stretched forward, then lower your body till your thighs are parallel with the floor.

Your knees should be extended in the same direction as your toes. Return to the start position and do the next rep.


Here are two other types of squat you should know.

  • Sumo squat
  • Jump squat: Start in the squat position, then jump up using your abdominal muscles for strength. This exercise works your abs.


Here are some benefits of squat.

  • Burns calories.
  • Build athletic balance and agility.
  • Strengthen your muscles.
  • Improve the strength of your bone.
  • Build and improves the lower body muscles.


push ups

6. Push ups

Push up or press up as some may call it, is a great exercise that provides for full body work out. It helps in strengthening many muscle groups since nearly all muscles from the neck to the toes are used for push up.

To push up, lay prone on the ground with arms supporting your body.

Keep your body straight while raising and lowering your body with your arms. This exercise works the chest, shoulders, triceps, the back, abdomen, abs and legs.


There are different types of push up and they include:

  • Inclined push up
  • Decline push up
  • Wide arm push up
  • Diamond push up.

Push up is a fast and tremendously effective work out for keeping fit and maintaining great shape. It is therefore, nice to add push up to your work out routine to attain great fitness and your desired shape.


Cat Camel Stretch

7. Cat Camel Stretch

Stretching exercises such as cat camel or cat cow stretch work out works greatly to relieve cramps and stress.

This helps for muscle toning and strength. It also helps to prevent arthritis, relieve menstrual pains and improve spinal flexibility and a good posture.

Cat cow stretch is one of the exercises that is synchronized with your breathe.

Start on all four with your knees under your butt and your hands directly under your shoulder, then take a breathe and make your belly fall down, your shoulders roll back and head come up towards the ceiling.

As you exhale, curve your back upward and let your head come down. Repeat the exercise doing it slowly with each step of this exercise.


Other benefits include:

  • Enhances the muscles of the hips
  • Relieve menstrual cramps
  • It enhances focus, mind stability and balance
  • Increases flexibility of the spine for bending
  • Improves relaxation
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8. Crunches

This exercise is great for working your abs fast. It helps in toning the muscle, enhancing your balance and posture, improving agility, strength and flexibility.


Here are different types of crunches you may wish to try out.

  • Abdominal crunch
  • Crossover crunch
  • Bicycle crunch
  • Heel crunch
  • Russian twist


Below are illustrations for the first three types of crunches.

A) Abdominal crunch: lie on your back with your knees bent and your arms stretched forward. Then lift your upper body off the floor. Hold for a few second and slowly return. You can go for 10 reps as a beginner.

This works for the rectus abdominis muscles and the obliques.

B) Cross over crunches: lie on your back with your knees bent and your hand behind your ears,then raise and twist your torso so your left elbow moves to meet your left knee. Repeat same with the other side for 10-15 reps.

C) Bicycle crunch: lie on the floor with your hands behind your ears. Raise your knees and lose your right elbow towards your left knee, the close your left elbow towards your right knee. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 reps.



9. Lunges

Lunges help in building and strengthening the muscles of the thigh(quadriceps, hamstrings) and the buttocks.


Here are illustration on how to do lunges.

Stand with your hands placed on your hips with feet spread shoulder width apart. Take a step forward with your right leg and then lower your body until your right thigh is parallel with the floor.Return and switch to the other leg. Repeat this process for 10 reps.

There are forward and backward lunges and they all strengthen the gluteus maximus and the muscles of the thigh.


10. Reading

A lot of people think that reading is strictly for students or academia but this is not so. Reading is a great exercise that can keep your over all body fit and in shape.


Here are some of its gains.

  • It develops the muscle of the brain.
  • It reduces stress and helps in relaxation.
  • It refreshes your brain.
  • It builds endurance and empathy.
  • It makes you social and sociable.
  • It makes you stay inform and confident.



Exercise helps you stay fit. It develops all the muscles of your body and help you stay healthy at all times.

It is important that you combine 2 or more of these exercises in order to attain that shape you admire.

Exercise in it self is good but should be accompanied with nice dietary and habit. It’s takes persistence to get through for a beginner but once you get used to it, you stay enjoying the gains.

If this article, ten exercises to stay fit and get your desired shape is helpful to you, please share with friends.

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