9 easy Step-by-Step guide to apply false lashes

9 easy Step-by-Step guide to apply false lashes

9 easy Step-by-Step guide to apply false lashes

Applying fake lashes can be so tedious and tricky although its fun, it's a simple way to mix up your normal style and bring more attention to your eyes. They seem beautiful and simple in their packet, only to apply them and find yourself looking weird, although it does not take being professional to be able to apply false lashes. It only takes a few steps to guide on how to apply it, Unfortunately, strip lashes aren't a one-size-suit-all. You will have to find lash type for your eyes and a guide for applying them so they can look natural, beautiful, and stay last longer.   Below are tips on how you can perfectly and correctly apply false lashes  

Know your eye shape

Many people find it difficult to select the best eyelashes for themselves. And that brings the question "Will these suit me"? Although it looks beautiful in the packet. We have different eyes shape, so it's better you know your eye shape before getting a false lash  

Measuring your eyes

Measure your eyes, to be able to know the size of lash that will fit your eyes, using a pencil, pen, or makeup brush, look into the mirror and place your tools from the inner part of the eye to the outside edge which will allow you measure your eye. Strategically you should be able to measure the width of one of your eyes perfectly.  

Removing lashes from the box

Hold the lash packet firmly under your nose such that the lashes are facing outward, this will identify the left and right lash as they are not always been identified.
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Always pull from the outer edge to remove, never pull from the inner corner, this is because if you pull from other parts and not from the outer edge it might break the lash. Gently and tricky tease it with your hand or lash picker and rest the lashes back in the box  

Measure the lashes

You should measure the lashes and make sure its tally with the measurement of your eyes. Lashes measurement is very important in applying false lashes because if the lashes turn out to be more shot or too long for your eye, the lashes won't fit your eyes correctly. Rest the strip lash along your lash line to know whether you need to trim the lash. The strip should start where your real eyelashes begin. If you start too close to the inner corner of your eyes, it will irritate your eye. Mark where your strip lashes should end, go to the outer corner, and count 2-4 lashes inward.  

Trimming the lashes

After measuring the lashes and comparing it with your eye measurement, since you've counted 2-4 lashes inward, then trim from the outer edge and don't cut through the lashes or bend the lashes from the inner corner it will damage the lashes. If you do not trim the lashes before applying it, it will irritate your eye and you might start to blink your eye.   Applying the lash glue correctly and strategically   I will consider this step an important step in applying false lashes, while Applying the lash glue, you must be very careful in applying the lash glue. Make sure you are applying the "Lash glue" We have different glue produce by different companies only use the glue meant for lashes. Do a thin layer of the glue along the vein of the lash, from corner to corner, wait a few seconds for it to go tacky. If you want the lash to stay longer, apply some dot of glue to along the real end and the corner.
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Applying lashes nicely to the eye

  This step will determine how beautiful your lash will look and how lasting it will stay. You should allow the glue to dry for a moment before applying the lashes to your eye. Look downward into a mirror not straight ahead, place a mirror under your face nearly to a perpendicular angle and look down, This will allow your eyelid extend, almost like you're closing your eye, but this will allow you to sew where exactly to place the strip while applying do not close your eyes, the lash glue may enter your eyes causing irritation  

Use eyeliner to camouflage the strip band

  After you have applied your lash correctly this is a crucial step will allow your lash look natural and beautiful Take your eyeliner brush and draw a line extending from the left band of the lash to the right band, be sure to fill any little line between the false lashes and your natural lash, you can flick out the end if you want a winged effect The effect of the step is to blend your natural lashes with the false one and make it look more natural.  

Admiring how good your lashes look

  While following all the steps carefully and correctly. This last step allows you to showcase how beautiful you have applied the lashes. People will also commend on how beautiful and natural they look.

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