Activities To Relieve Stress After Working All Day

Activities To Relieve Stress After Working All Day

21 Activities To Relieve Stress You Should Try Out Today

Some activities to relieve stress will be discussed in this article today. Meanwhile, you must have known what stress means and how it feels like before you landed on this page.

Stress could be as a result of working all day. This work might be physical, emotional, technical, or any other form of work you could think of. It is therefore obvious that any of these works would lead to stress if done consistently.

Meanwhile, for you to be more productive, you need to ease your stress to allow fresh ideas to occupy your thinking faculty.


Now the question is ” what are the activities to relieve stress?”

Well, I guess the answer to this question is the reason you’re currently reading this article right now. Yes, we will be discussing various activities to relieve stress on this page today. So ensure you get yourself relaxed as you read through the activities to relieve stress below.

Note: This list is arranged in no particular order of importance. Therefore you should try any of these activities to relieve stress – I would advise you to pick your favorites first,  and then adapt to the new ones you find here.


1.    Listen to Relaxing Music:  Music is one of my favorite activities to relieve stress because it is a universal language. You need to listen to some of your favorite tracks on your playlist. These tracks could be cool/fast songs but as long as they are capable of relieving your stress, then nothing should stop from listening to them. You may probably sing along if necessary.


2.    Meditating: Meditating has been around for a very long time and it has been proven to belong to one of the activities to relieve stress. Whenever you are stressed out, all you need to do is to follow the steps below:


•    Sit on the floor alone in your room

•    Switch off the lights but if it is in the day, you should bring down your blinds

•    Focus on your breathe and feel your heartbeats

•    Observe the thoughts that come up your mind

•    Realize that you are not your thoughts

•    Do away with the thoughts

Using the method has been proven to work for a lot of people, it should work for too. All you need is practice. Thus a great activity to relieve stress after working all day.


3.    Taking A Walk In Nature: Taking a walk most times can ease your stress and give you a sound mind. The kind of walk we are talking about should not be a walk that would increase the level of stress. This walk can be taken early in the morning or the evening around the garden, beach, farm, or any place of nature. Meanwhile while walking around, you should take cognizance of the sounds your ear, the things you see, what you hear, and the fresh air around. This should be an interesting activity to relieve stress.


4.    Take a shower: Maybe you were expecting this to be the first on the list, but I’m sorry I wasn’t arranged in a particular other as I said earlier. Well, personally this is just another great way to relieve stress and sometimes I take a complete bath. You can take your bath with warm/cold water depending on your choice. Another method is beginning with a warm shower and finishing with a cold shower. Then you repeat the whole process for about three times. This will go a long way in relieving stress and making you feel refreshed – it has been said that athletes make use of shower to reduce their fatigue and muscle soreness.

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5.     Paint your imagination: This takes me back to the days when we used to have some boring classes and all I could do was to start putting my thoughts on a drawing paper. Therefore from there I become live again. Yes, it works! you can try that has an adult while alone. It will take away your stress naturally. Therefore painting your imagination is one of the activities to relieve stress that works.


6.    Playing board games: Board games can be really interesting, especially when you have people around you to play with. These games have been proven to relieve stress. There are a lot of board games that you can buy in case you have non in your home. Some of the most interesting board games that can ease your stress include; splendor, take a ride, flower power, flux, settler of cats, takenoko, takaido, scrabble, chess, uno, backgammon, and so many others. Playing any of these games is capable of relieving your stress.


7.    Swimming: Swimming is a great activity to relieve stress because there are a lot of benefits in the water itself. Swimming is capable of relaxing your nerves, thereby making you feel refreshed and relaxed. The recommended kind of water to swim in lakes close to you but an option is the swimming pool. All you need to do while in the water is to float, feel, and play around the water. You don’t need to be the best swimmer to just enjoy the water and ease your stress.


8.    Writing down your worries: This is just another personal method I use to relieve my stress. There are situations when a lot will be going through my head while I am stressed out already. All I will do is to get a pen and a paper and jot down my to-do list and those things bothering me. Using this method has always been a stress reliever. It can also work for you too, try it out when you get home tired and exhausted. Therefore writing down your worries is another proven activity to relieve stress.


9.    Getting a massage: Getting a very good massage after work will relieve your stress. Anybody can do this massage for you provided that they can do so. Massage has been proven to be a good stress reliever and also reduces anxiety, headache, joint pains, insomnia, digestive disorders e.t.c. Your partner too is allowed to give you a full body massage but remember to pay back in your way. Another option is to give yourself a massage that can be watched on YouTube. Therefore getting a massage is a good stress reliever for you.

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10.    Do deep breathing: Yes, when talking of quick activities to relieve stress, then deep breathing should be among the fastest working methods. It won’t take you more than a few seconds to get it done. Deep breathing has been proven to relax your mind. So below is a quick guide to get you started.

•    Fill your lungs with oxygen by inhaling deep.

•    While inhaling, place a hand on your belly.

•    Ensure you notice a rise in your belly.

•    Hold on for few seconds

•    Then exhale, meanwhile, you should imagine that you are exhaling stress out of your body.


11.    Watching your favorite childhood movies: Can imagine getting how interesting this can be? I guess you should start making a list of your childhood movies right now and think of how to get them back to your home. They may be useful for you someday because watching your childhood movies can help relax your nerves, thereby relieving your stress.

It could be cartoons or any other childhood movies you found really interesting back. Well, some of my favorite childhood cartoons include; Winnie the Pooh, The wild Thornberrys, lilo and stitch, As told by Ginger, The Boddington peas, and lots more. Have you watched any of these? Whatever! Please visit Netflix to watch some of your favorite childhood movies. They will help relieve your stress.


12.    Play musical instruments: Are you are a guitar lover, keyboardist, pianist, or a player of any musical instrument? If yes, then you should be glad you have got a stress reliever. Playing musical instruments is one of the activities to relieve stress you should try when next you are stressed out. In case you are not a good player of any musical instrument. I would advise you to learn how to play one online or offline.


13.    Sitting on a swing: You may be thinking that swinging is an activity meant for kids only. Well, you may be thinking the wrong way because swinging can help adults to relieve stress. All you need to do is to visit a park that is close to you that has no kids around. Swing on it too and fro and enjoy the whole ride along with the fresh air around. Then start reminiscing your childhood memories.


14.    Go out for shopping: This sounds cool, right? Yes if you have got some extra cash, then why not consider going out for shopping in one of the closest stores around you. Well, you may be wondering how this can help relieve your stress right. Anyway going out shopping will expose you to some new things that will spark up your mood and relax your nerves. Therefore getting home from work, always consider going shopping to relieve your stress.


15.    Taking a saltwater bath: Healthwise, the saltwater bath has a lot of benefits for the body, especially when it comes to relieving stress and enhancing relaxation. You should have known by now that salt has some mineral substances essential for the proper functioning of the body. One of these minerals is magnesium which helps in lowering your blood pressure, improve the quality of your sleep, promote the circulation of blood, relieve pains, and headache. All of these work together to relieve stress whenever you take a saltwater bath. The recommended salt for this bath is magnesium sulfate or magnesium chloride. Endeavor to make these salts available in your home because taking a salt water bath is another activity to relieve stress.

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16.    Sitting under a tree: Yes, do you have a strong tree around your home?  Why not consider going there to sit on one of the branches to relieve stress after the day’s work. The tree has been proven to have some relaxing energy in them, therefore going there to tap some of this energy should not be a bad idea. In case you find it challenging sitting on one of the branches, then you can consider hugging the tree.


17.    Stopping by to smell flowers: This just another interesting activity to relieve stress that you can try out. Consider taking a walk through the garden and the stop by to smell flowers. Don’t just smell them, take a good look at them and learn about them. This goes a long way to ease your mind, thereby relieving your stress.


18.    Ride a bicycle: I’m so glad I can ride a bicycle but I don’t know if you can too. Anyway, you should practice how to ride one. Cycling around a field with a lot of fresh air can help relax your nerves and also relieve stress. Therefore cycling is just another cool activity to relieve stress.


19.    Stretching your body: I guess this may sound too ordinary for you but the truth is that it works. Consider stretching your body after going through a lot of stress for the whole day. You will certainly notice an improvement in your mood because stretching has been proven to ease tension in the body.


20.    Watch comedies: Comedies can lighten up your mood and also brighten up your day. You can download a lot of comedies on your gadget or probably rent one. This will ease your mind and also relieve your stress.


21.    Creating more space: How?  Yes, you can consider a rearrangement of your room in a manner that enough space would be created. This activity will help keep your mind off bad energies, help you relax, and relieve your stress.


We have a lot of people on the continent who go through stress on a daily basis. Kindly share this article with them using the social share button. You should consider practicing any of the activities to relieve the stress that we have just discussed with you. Also, share your thoughts in the comment box to let us know what you think about these activities to relieve stress.

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