Amazing Facts About Aloe Vera Plants You May Not Know

Amazing Facts About Aloe Vera Plants You May Not Know

Aloe Vera is really one of the most sort after plants in the universe today because of it’s alleged unending benefits. This plant actually originated from the Arabian Peninsula there by extending it’s growth to the tropical climates around the world where it is being used for so many medical purposes and at times used for decorating our immediate surroundings. It is a greenish succulent plant with sharp edges and also has some liquids in it popularly refereed to as the Aloe Vera Juice. Now Below are some the facts about Aloe Vera.



Amazing Facts About Aloe Vera Plants You May Not Know

Aloe Vera has something in common with lettuce and cabbage. They are hard in nature, have short stems and are also known to live long. The wild species of Aloe Vera Plants are recorded to have lived longer than 100 years. Isn’t that amazing?

Aloe Vera belongs to the Family Asphodelaceae having about 300 hundred species that have been discovered. But funny enough only four out of this species are cultivated because of their medicinal value. Where we have Aloe Vera Babardensis Miller which turns out to be the most popular and the most cultivated amongst all. It originated from the North America and has been used for various skin conditions. Meanwhile the second most popular is Aloe Vera Arboresensce.

•The Aloe Vera Plant contains about 95% of water which makes it survive growing on dry lands and places with very high temperature. It is this water that extends to the leaf of the plant that we use for Aloe Vera Juice today.

•Do you know that the Aloe Vera Juice extracted from the Aloe plant is highly rich in amino acids, vitamins, essential enzymes and minerals having about 75 other nutrients. This is one of the reasons Aloe Vera is considered as one of the high nutritional plants in the universe today.

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•The Aloe Vera Plant is capable of serving as a remedy to serious medical disorders like diabetes, emphysema, epilepsy, osteoarthritis, asthma and so many others. Aside that, various skin disorders ranging from pimples, eczema, acne, sunburn, dry skin e.t.c can all be treated using the Aloe Vera Gel.

•Do you know that Aloe Vera was so popular in America that they had to name it ‘’The wand of heavens” because they had this believe that it was a gift from God in heaven due to the fact that it has been of really great importance to them.

•Research has it that Aloe Vera Plants are composed of some elements that are capable of saving lives in the sense that some deadliest problems like skin cancer can be reduced and delayed just by drinking an Aloe Vera Juice.

•Have you seen a cactus before ? If yes you will notice that an Aloe Vera has a Cactus – like appearance. The leaf of an Aloe Vera Plant is known to contain water and this water has done more good than harm in the world we live today with numerous medicinal purposes just as we have mentioned in some facts above.

•Do you know that an Aloe Vera Plant has two different products which are the latex and the gel. The latex of an Aloe Vera Plant is a yellowish brown substance that can be found under the outer layer of the Aloe Vera Plant while the Aloe Vera Gel is the pure transparent substance that is commonly used in the preparation of Aloe Vera Juice, meanwhile they both their own unique purposes.

•Aloe has gone so viral that it is not only in used in the health in industry but also used in the beverage and food industries. It seems like Aloe Vera is taking over right? An instance is the production of some yogurts

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•Speaking from the historical view, Egypt placed so much importance on Aloe Vera to an extent that it became part of their rituals. Back then they tagged this plant the “plant of immortality” and also a queen popularly known as Queen Cleopatra had this plant all over her body and face. Can you imagine how much importance was placed on Aloe Vera in Egypt ?

•Do you know that even with the anti – bacterial property of Aloe Vera, you are advised not to use it on open wounds because it is not a complete replacement to antibiotics.

•A Spain study showed that there is a thin layer on the Aloe Vera Gel that is capable of preserving foods.They did this by carrying out an experiment on a grape. Where two grapes were brought to the table. They placed one of the grapes in a container filled with Aloe Vera Gel and the other in an empty container. These two containers where placed in a refrigerator and after 7 days they discovered that the grape in an empty container got spoilt while the one in the Aloe Vera Gel lasted for about 35 days and still tasted good. Isn’t that amazing?

•Do you have any dental or gum disease? Then look around for Aloe Vera dental products because studies already have it that Aloe Vera is capable of curing gum and dental diseases. This is the reason most toothpastes that are being manufactured recently have traces of Aloe Vera in them.

•Do you that women with menstrual problems can find cure in Aloe Vera Plant? Yes drinking Aloe Vera juice has been proven to suppress menstrual pain and also serves as a very good stimulant to the uterus. In case you are having the issue or you know somebody having same issue, why not let them try the Aloe Vera Juice.

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Well there are still many more facts about the Aloe Vera Plant where some of them are still yet to be discovered. I strongly believe that you are already educated with this piece, so ensure you make use of the social share buttons below in other create more awareness. And remember to let us know what you think about this piece in the comment section below. Have a nice day ! Hope to see you here again.

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