Appropriate Ages For Measles Vaccination

Appropriate Ages For Measles Vaccination
The Appropriate Ages for Measles Vaccination in Children and Adults

The age for measles vaccination is a topic that must be treated today because some people still find it really difficult to figure out the appropriate ages for themselves and their children. In case you belong to this set of people, then you should be glad that you landed on the right page. All you have got to do is to sit back and relax your nerves because we are going to be covering a lot concerning measles vaccination and the right ages for it in this article today.

1.    What you should know about measles and it’s vaccinations

2.    The appropriate ages for measles vaccination in children

3.    The appropriate ages for measles vaccination in adults.

4.    People that do not need the MMR/MMRV vaccination

5.    People that should not get the MMR vaccination.

6.    Frequently Asked Questions


What You Should Know About Measles And It’s Vaccinations

Measles,  which is also known as Rubeola is a viral and highly contagious disease that affects the respiratory system and then begins to dominate the outer layer of the skin in form of rashes.

This disease is very common among children and could lead to death if proper care is not taken. There are other cases where adults too are diagnosed of measles. You should note that measles is one of those diseases that has no specific cure, meanwhile it is normally caused by a virus known as paramyxovirus. This virus is capable of getting through the host cell and take over the respiratory tracts.


The most common symptoms of this disease include; fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, red eyes, and white spots in the mouth. Meanwhile you should not forget the fact that this disease can be prevented by two major vaccines known as the MMR vaccine and the MMRV vaccine. You will be learning some important things about these vaccines in the next sub heads.


Measles, Mump, Rubella Vaccine (MMR Vaccine) : This vaccine aims at protecting you against three different diseases just like it name implies. It protects you against Measles which we have discussed earlier, mumps and Rubella which will be discussed below.


•    Mump: This is just another contagious diseases caused by a virus which affects the salivary gland and it is most likely to be spread through saliva. Mump is also a disease that has no medication or antibiotics but it can be prevented by taking the MMR vaccine at the right age for measles vaccination.


•    Rubella: Another name for rubella is German Measles. This disease is another viral caused disease which has no medication nor antibiotics. Just like measles, the virus causing rubella attacks the respiratory tract first before spreading out. It is a highly contagious disease that can spread through saliva, cough, sneezing or mucus of an infected person. Therefore MMR Vaccine too is capable of protecting you against rubella.


Measles, Mump, Rubella and Varicella Vaccine (MMRV Vaccine) : This particular vaccine performs the same function as the MMR Vaccines but the difference between them is the introduction of Varicella in the MMRV Vaccine. Which makes it capable of protecting you against four different diseases unlike the MMR Vaccine which protects you against three diseases. So let us talk about the Varicella.

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•    Varicella: You should have known by now that it is only the MMRV vaccine that is capable of preventing you against Varicella. Varicella which is popularly known as chickenpox also belongs to the set of diseases that has no medication and antibiotics for cure. It is highly contagious especially to those that haven’t been vaccinated with MMR Vaccine.

Now the bottom line is that any of these two major vaccines we have discussed earlier can protect you against measles but only the MMRV Vaccine can protect you against Varicella ( Chickenpox)


The Appropriate Ages for Measles Vaccination in Children

I believe this is one the main point that attracted you to this article. Well the appropriate ages for measles vaccination will be discussed right now. We will be looking at age appropriate ages for MMR vaccination and MMRV vaccination.

The MMR Vaccines; According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC), the right age for measles vaccination in children are enumerated below.

1.    First Dose:  Age 12 – 15 months – Children are meant to take the first dose of MMR Vaccine at this age.


2.    Second Dose:  Age 4 – 6 years – The second dose of the MMR Vaccine should be taken within this age range.

Note : It is allowed for children to take the second dose earlier than the age stated above. Provided that the child will take the second dose in not less than 28days after the first dose.


The MMRV Vaccine: We will be using the age range recommended by the Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) too for the MMRV vaccine : We have enumerated the ages for measles vaccination and their dosage below.


1.    First Dose: Age 12 – 15 months  : This is the licensed age range for the first dose of MMRV vaccination.


2.    Second Dose: Age 4 – 6 years: The second dose for the MMRV vaccination should be taken within this age range.

Now, there are some children that  requires extra dose due to some circumstances. These children are those children that would be exposed to international travel. Below is the dose and the age range for them.


1.    For a baby that want to embark on an international travel.


•    First dose: Age 6 -11 months: Babies that wants to embark on an international travel should take their first dose of the MMR Vaccine at this period.

•    Second and Third dose : Age 12 – 15 months : The second and third dose should be taken with at least 28days interval between them. Normally within this age rage.


2.    For a baby that is above one year of age who wants to travel internationally. He/she should be vaccinated twice with an interval of at least 28days between the first dose and the second dose.

Note: You are allowed to take the second dose earlier than the age stated above but ensure that the period of taking it should be over 3 months after the first dose. Unlike the MMR where you can take the second dose after 28 days.

Meanwhile you may be confused about the vaccination that is best for a child. Is it the MMR Vaccine or the MMRV Vaccine? Well, you should have known by now that both of them are good in terms of protecting you against measles but don’t forget that their difference has already been stated earlier. So therefore you should leave this to your medical doctor to decide which vaccination is best for your child.

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Now that you know the age for measles vaccination in children. Don’t you think an adult too can be vaccinated? Well, you  shall find out below.



The Appropriate Ages for Measles Vaccination in Adults

Now let’s get down to adults – do they really need to be vaccinated? Yes and No is the answer to the question but depending on some conditions enumerated below.


•    An adult that has been proven to be free from measles are advised to take a single dose of MMR Vaccination for preventive measure. But if they have taken it as a child it is not compulsory but advisable. There is no specific age for an adult like this.


•    There are some adults that require two doses of MMR Vaccine. The days difference between the first dose and the second dose should be 28days. Now who are these adults? These adults are people who are at higher risk of getting infected with measles, mumps and rubella. Some of this set of people are discussed below.


•    Students in higher institutions should take two doses of MMR Vaccine because they are bound to mix up with strangers in the higher institution.


•    Healthcare workers too are advised to take two doses because they may be exposed to an infected person in the hospital


•    People that travel internationally should ensure they also take two doses of the MMR Vaccines because they will be mixing up with strangers and new environments. Therefore it may be difficult for them to select their environment and the people they relate with.


People That Do Not Need The MMR/MMRV Vaccination

Having known the appropriate ages for measles vaccination. We should let you know that there are some people that may not need to take this vaccination again. Are you one of them?  We shall find out below ;

People that have written documentation that they have been vaccinated adequately. This documentation must show proof that ;

•    have been vaccinated after their first birthday for their preschool education.

•    they are adults with low risk of transmission or exposure to measles after they have been vaccinated as a child.

•    have a laboratory blood test result that shows they are immune to measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox.

Note: If you do not have any of these documents,  you  can consider getting another dose which actually has no harm.


People That Should Not Get The MMR Vaccination

•    People who are faced some severe life threatening allergies after taking their first or second dose of any of these vaccines. They are advised to see the doctor so as to let them know the components of the vaccine reacting negatively to their body system.


•    Pregnant women are not allowed to be vaccinated with MMR/MMRV Vaccine. If they want to be vaccinated, they should probably wait till they are no longer pregnant.

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•    People that have a weak immune system should not consider this vaccination. People diagnosed with illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDs, or people that have gone through some kind of medical treatments like radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, steroids, and radiation are all known to have a weak immune system.


•    People that have any of their closest family members have had an immune system problem.


•    People that are highly prone to bleeding easily.


•    People that have just involved in blood transfusion either as a donor or recipient should consider postponing their immunization till after 3 months.


•    People diagnosed with tuberculosis should not be vaccinated.


•    People that are severely ill must see their doctor before getting any of the MMR/MMRV Vaccines.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Can you still take get vaccinated after you are already exposed to measles, mumps, rubella or chickenpox?

A.    Yes you can take the MMR/MMRV vaccination if the exposure has not been more than 72 hours because getting the vaccination earlier than 72 hours might protect you against the virus or actually reduce the gravity of your illness.


Q.  What are the requirements needed to get yourself or your children vaccinated?

A.  There are actually no major requirements but just ensure that these vaccination is taken at the appropriate ages, periods with the right doses that we have discussed earlier.


Q. Do you need to need to pay for this vaccination?

A. Yes if you are going to a private owned healthcare center and No if it is sponsored by the government. But most times, it is usually sponsored.


Q. Can I get measles twice?

A. No, because measles comes once in a lifetime. In-case you have successfully taken care of measles before then you are free for life.


Q.  How can I treat measles?

A.  Measles is a virus infection that has no specific treatment unlike bacteria caused infection. Below are some actions advisable to take when you notice measles.


•    Take the MMR vaccination if it’s not up to 72 hours of exposure

•    Take a dose of immunoglobulin within the first six day of exposure.

•    Get advil to reduce fever symptoms

•    Get enough rest

•    Take a lot of fluids

•    Take a lot Vitamin A supplement

•    Get cough treatment


Bottom Line

I believe at this moment we have been able to clear a lot of doubts on your mind “concerning measles and the appropriate ages for measles vaccination”. You must have also had an insight of what the MMR Vaccines and the MMRV Vaccines is all about.

If you truly value this piece, kindly make use of the social share button so as to spread this message across to your family and friends. Also remember to share your thoughts on the appropriate age for measles vaccination in the comment section.


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