Bonding With Your New Born Baby: What You Should Know & Do In The First 6 Months

Bonding With Your New Born Baby: What You Should Know & Do In The First 6 Months


Bonding With Your New Born Baby: What You Should Know & Do In The First 6 Months

Nothing ever beats the joy of seeing your newborn baby. The beauty that lies in their eyes, their smile, their chubby cheeks, and tiny fingers. You can watch all that all day and never get tired.

Bonding with your newborn baby can happen instantly. It can also take a long while before it happens for some persons. In this guide, we will discuss several things you should consider doing within the first 6 months of your baby’s birth to strengthen the bond between you and him.

According to a study by an adjunct professor of psychology at the University of Minnesota, Jeff Simpson, Ph.D., babies who were treated well and had a strong tie with their parents at 12 months old, have a greater chance to go through conflicts still feeling connected emotionally to their partner.

Showing special care to your infant has so many advantages. One such advantage is that it helps you to sleep properly, eat well, relate well with people, and also help in their brain development.

Simple Activities That Will Strengthen The Bond Between You And Your New Born Baby

The following are several things you can do to build a strong tie between you and your little one.

  1. Look into his eyes while feeding him

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding him, always find a way to look into his eyes. Eye contacts play a major role in parents bonding with their infants.

  1. Breastfeed him often

A well-fed baby is always a happy child. They smile, play, and sleep so calmly. Nothing makes him attach so easily to you as breastfeeding. Do not only breastfeed him when you sense he must be very hungry. Do that as often as possible. It goes a long way to show him how much you love and care about him.

  1. Sing For Him

Is there anybody in the world who doesn’t like to hear a song? Even babies love it when you sing to them.

The real thing there is not just the songs, it’s how pleasant your voice sounds when you sing. That is what matters to them.

Songs have a way of calming our nerves, helping us to relax better. They do the same thing for babies too. By the time you make it a habit to sing for your newborn often, you will be creating a very close tie between you and them.

  1. A little massage is OK
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Massaging your baby has quite some benefits. First is that it helps your little one relax better. As they enjoy your touch on their skin, they will bond with you easily.

Do not make the mistake of thinking babies don’t care about that. They do. A gentle rub on their feet, bottom, and hands will make them chuckle. I’m sure you will even find that more exciting.

  1. Smile when you look in the mirror together

A baby may not understand the persons he is seeing in the mirror is a reflection of himself. But when you look in the mirror together, you make it easier for him to learn about this since he is seeing you there.

Smiling often when looking in the mirror together with him will further make him get comfortable with you.

  1. Use the Skin-to skin connection

You can do this immediately after bathing the baby. Instead of wearing them their clothes immediately, allow for some time to pass with you carrying the baby in your arms. The skin-to-skin connection is so powerful that it helps creates a strong bond between you and him.

The only challenge with this practice is that it is not recommended for parents with any form of skin disease. Since it’s very easy for babies to contract diseases, doing this may be putting them at risk of getting whatever skin diseases you as the parent may be having.

  1. Let him fall asleep in your arms

Watching an infant sleep is a very beautiful sight. But even more beautiful is watching them sleep in your arms. The peace in their faces. The calmness of their body, what a sight it is.

Letting your baby fall asleep in your arms is one of the coolest ways to bond with him. Since your face is probably the last thing he sees before he sleeps off, there are chances it could be on his mind a while longer.

To help him fall asleep faster, you can sing to him, rock him back and forth, etc. The more you do it, the easier it would be or your next time.

  1. Respond to their cries

Responding to your baby’s cry is also among the things you can do to build a strong bond between you and him. Do not let him cry for long. Responding to him faster will make understand you truly care about him as he grows.

  1. Talk to him often
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Babies are great listeners. You may not have noticed but they do listen a lot. That’s why when you sing or talk to them they keep quiet most of the time and just stare at you.

The sound of your voice excites them. So feel free to talk to them about anything. That will also help a lot in the development of his brain.

You can talk to him about your day, how he was born, and several other things. If you have the ability to put stories together, you can think up one to tell him e.g. little animal stories.

  1. Call him pet names

We know his name is John and that’s what everyone else calls him. Calling him that now and then will only make him conscious of his name early.

To create a bond between you and him, you need to devise other names to call him. Pet names especially. Names that sound sweet to the ears and express the love you have in your heart for him.

It is very easy for you to dismiss this thinking the baby will not even understand the meaning. Truth is, he may not at first but it will still help him learn how much you care about him.

  1. Set Your Phone aside

Connecting with your co-workers, family, and friends is indeed important. But even more important is bonding with your newborn. You need to spend more time with him than you do on phone.

Will my family and friends understand? Of course, they will. Everyone who has had a baby or been around a couple with a baby knows babies require a lot of attention.

You need to decide sometimes to leave replying that chat on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or Twitter till some other time. Your baby needs you more now and spending more time with his help build a strong affection between you both.

  1. Plant some kisses all over him

Babies love it when you kiss their chubby cheeks and forehead. Planting some kisses all over their body once in a while helps to make them feel more comfortable with you. Places like their stomach, back, feet are some of the coolest places on their bodies you should try kissing them.

  1. Let them see you spend time with your partner
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Whether it is sitting on a couch and watching a movie together or eating together, let your baby see you spend some moments with your partner once in a while.

It is easier for a baby to feel loved in a place where he notices the bond between his parents than in an environment where there is much quarreling between partners.

  1. Go out on a date with him

Plan a date and go out with him. It could be at the restaurant, amusement park, children’s party, natural resort, etc. Spend some time over there just playing and having fun with your baby. The sight-seeing and other people he gets to meet there will help him enjoy himself and your company.

So start now and plan on a date to go out with him.

  1. Get him toys

Nearly every baby likes playing with toys. At that early stage, you might want to get him colorful ones that can at least produce a sound. The sounds and color will easily attract his attention.

Toys like animal toys, alphabets, etc, will also play a major role in his brain development. Educational toys are often more preferable.

  1. Readout stories to him

Another simple thing to do to create happy moments for your baby and strengthen the bond between the two of you is to read out stories to him. He may not enjoy the stories but he will certainly enjoy hearing your voice as you do that.

You can even make it more fun by using different voice tones, high and low for the different characters.

In Summary

Bonding with your newborn baby is a process. Though it can automatically happen for some, for the majority it takes some time. You need to learn the things that make him happy etc. Always remember it is OK if the bonding doesn’t happen automatically for you. It doesn’t for everyone. It is a process that can only get better as time goes on.

I hope you find this article useful.


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