Coronavirus: What You Will Face While Staying at Home for Quarantine? 

Coronavirus: What You Will Face While Staying at Home for Quarantine?
Coronavirus: What You Will Face While Staying at

Home for Quarantine? 

Only a virus keeps you and me bored inside now.

Well, the instructions government officials mandated on everybody to stay at home is just to reverse the adverse effects of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic. This home lock-down decision is timely and reasonable.

Various state governments have shut down institutions, schools, and offices as a preventive measure to curtail the spread of the deadly virus. Hence, parents, children, and family members are compelled to stay at home for a month or thereabout to encourage social distancing.

I’ll confess. Locking ourselves at home has a burden. I am bored. Because there is a need to solve another serious challenge at hand. For kids, staying at home means less academic work and more time for pleasure and extra-curricular activities.

Besides this may at the end bounce on their academic work by the time schools resume. As planned by several public schools, the deployment of online teaching facilities would help to keep teachers and their pupils busy.

Normally, when people get themselves engaged in working, and think less of food, even though they still find that time to fill their stomachs. Unfortunately, staying at home and doing far less work tends to make them eat more.

Perhaps, most would have to spend more money to keep body and soul together. Not to defeat the essence of staying at home, governments at all levels should pay workers’ salaries without any delay. They have to keep to sincerity and wait till the end of the month before doing so because of the peculiarity of this period.

Through this, they’ll buy basic needs, otherwise staying home and doing nothing could be counter-productive. Employers of labor in the private sector should also endeavor to pay outstanding salaries as many workers’ employees are being owed several months’ unpaid salaries.

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Asides from food and several other consumables, several homes hardly enjoy power supply. Several people often resort to alternative sources of power, such as the use of generators, inverters, and solar. Aside from this, they require the power to pump water, watch television, charge mobile telephones, and to operate other electronic devices. They also need to monitor the news in the media and get updated on developments on the COVID-19 pandemic.

To make life convenient for everyone, the authorities should ensure that there is at least a stable supply of electricity for a reasonable period daily. Regulatory agencies should make that artificial scarcity of petroleum products is prevented otherwise the suffering of the people will become unbearable. Because unscrupulous humans are used to hiding under emergencies to exploit their fellow citizens by hoarding petroleum products and sell to them at cut-throat prices.

Government ministries, departments, and agencies responsible for public health and safety should not go to sleep simply because the people have been sent home. They should continue to put in place, sufficient, realistic, and sustainable programs of action to end the scourge, which could be a time bomb waiting to explode, if not well-managed. This should not be allowed to happen. The confinement should give the chance for relevant authorities to address what has become a global problem.

Public officials have to stop demonstrating politics with questionable statistics that they churn out to the people to give the impression that a lot of work is being done; that casualty is abysmally low, and that adequate equipment is on the ground to curtail the viral spread. Honesty and openness are what is required at this period and not deceit, false claims, and propaganda that will help no one.

All law enforcement agencies should ensure that they keep a tab on peoples’ movements, bearing in mind that some people are just restless and can barely stay indoors. Stern punishment should be meted out to violators. As additional measures are to be unfolded, the government should be realistic in what is communicated to the people to ensure smooth compliance.

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As time goes on, there is the likelihood that many people will switch-over to social media to keep themselves busy. This will expectedly increase activity on the new media. Avoid posting and reposting fake, unverified, and misleading information that may likely cause more harm to society. Most of the information disseminated in social media appears to be incorrect. A potent way of ending the spread of falsehood is not to re-share anything without verification or authentication.

We have to be our brother’s keeper by being more responsive, observant, and caring. We should cooperate with health officials by adhering to approved guidelines and instructions. Telling the authorities any suspected cases of coronavirus to designated offices, telephone numbers, and social media contacts would effect well in cutting down the spread of the disease. Parents and guardians should monitor their children and wards more closely because of the tendency to engage in illegal and immoral acts.

Besides, the urge to wanting to try new things and misbehave cannot be ruled out. Scrutiny and spontaneous checks on young children’s activities should be taken seriously at this moment.

Finally, rather than see the confinement in a negative light, it has to serve as a good opportunity for family members to be more uniting as compared to before, discuss and sort out issues. This time should drive people to take rapt measures in being creative and then stay updated. Right now, we need God’s intervention to address problems facing the nations across the world. Humanity in general needs prayer. It is hoped that this quarantine would soon be over. If only everyone can do the needful.

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