6 Exercises To Avoid During Early Pregnancy

6 Exercises To Avoid During Early Pregnancy

Exercises To Avoid During Early Pregnancy

Actually, I don’t think there is any country in the universe that kicks against doing exercises generally but in the case of a pregnant woman that statement can be contradicting. As soon as a woman gets pregnant, she becomes a delicate human that needs special care and attention. This care and attention may be from anybody but the most important is the kind of care she gives to herself. She would be asked to make some activities her favorite and on the other hand she would asked to avoid some – among them is exercise!!!



The Exercises to avoid are;

Contact Sports: Do you know what this means ? Well as the name already implies – It is a kind of sports that requires the participants touching themselves. Examples of these sports include; Football, boxing, wrestling, basketball, ice – hockey, rough and tumble, amongst others. You should avoid all these sports by all means because there is high probability of getting hit in the stomach region.

Excessive Work Out: Yes, it is not all exercise you are asked to avoid during pregnancy because we have some other safe exercises for pregnant women. But always remember that any of these exercises that are tagged “safe” should not be done excessively due to the fact that excessive exercise in pregnant women could lead short of blood flowing into the uterus. So whenever you are engaged in any form of exercise, try singing the first verse of a nursery rhyme you know without running out of breath but if should find this so difficult then you are advised to suspend such exercise.

Exercises that are fall prone: There are some exercises that are fall prone where by some of their examples include; running with increased speed, football, riding a bike, skiing, horse riding and any other exercises that may require balancing. These kind of exercises are not advisable because the pregnant woman might fall using the wrong side of her body which might lead to birth complications. Now, instead of riding bikes or horses that may cause you to fall, why not ride on stationary bike for more safety?

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Weight lose exercise: Well I know you want to keep to shape and maintain your beauty as a pregnant woman just by cutting off some weight right? I say NO , please you can suspend that weight loss till after delivery because you need a weight that will sustainable enough for you to carry your baby. Even if this may depend on your weight before you got pregnant, just ensure that you gain about 35 pounds extra. But remember to eat healthy foods for weight gain not the ones that will cause damage to your health.

High altitude exercise: Whenever you hear altitude, you should know that we are talking about height – exercises such climbing of hills, mountains and their likes should be equally avoided as a pregnant woman. Well in this case when talking about when the climbing is already exceeding 6000 fts , the pregnant woman should stop because there is probability the starts seeing some symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, headache, nausea, short of breath, vomiting, amongst other symptoms that are not healthy for a pregnant woman.

Lying on your back: Well you may be wondering why this is on the list probably because you feel it is not an exercise. Well there are some exercises that involves you lying on your back where some examples are yoga and abs exercise. In other to avoid complications in the uterus you are not permitted to do exercises that requires you to lie one your back.

And so many exercises you must have discovered too. So try as much as possible to avoid them remember that your health and that of your coming baby is not only important to you but to the world. Keep to doctors advise and always go for proper antenatal care. This will go a long way in helping you health wise.
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