Going Bald In Your 20s (Causes of hair loss and prevention)

going Bald in your 20s (causes of hair loss and Prevention)

Going Bald In Your 20s( Causes of hair loss and


Going bald in your 20s has become a thing of concern to so many young people especially women because of the level of importance they have placed on it. It is the source of their beauty that is why they make sure its always properly kept. It is so painful seeing your hair failing off in your young age without any reason. It is believed that hair loss only occur to old people within the age bracket of 50-80. But, it is not so. It occurs mostly to young people now but can be curtailed when proper measures are put in place.

Now, young people are keen to know the reason why it happens. It brings a lot of embarrassment to young people especially when you have decided to grow your hair to make you look cute, but all of a sudden, you started noticing that your hair is falling off beginning from your forehead down to the entire hair. You will be left with no choice than to commence barbing low cut, for men. But it is more disastrous for women.

Therefore, we have decided to compile some solutions towards the issue to enable you know the cause of it.

Furthermore, about 50% of young people that went bald at their early stage in life do put on first cap to disguise themselves. It has also made them to resort to barbing skin hair cut.

However, you will stand to learn and understand why losing hair at early age, the reason for it and the preventive measures to undertake from this concise content.

Excited! You need to be, because a lot of young people are seriously looking for remedy to this effect.



Causes Of Hair Loss (Bald) In Early 20s

Causes Of Hair Loss (Bald) In Early 20s

We will be discussing the reason why young person do loss their hair at early stage in their life. Therefore, stay put and read to the end.

  • Stress: One of the reasons why young people loss their hair in their early stages is stress. When you subject your body under too much work load, it leads to sudden stress and if not handled on time, it might lead to accumulative stress which can retard the growth rate of your hair thereby creating room to hair loss.
  • Hormones: This is another aspect through which young people undergo hair loss if not checked. Hormonal imbalance leads to hair loss. When the hormones in your body has been stressed beyond its capacity, it will eventually result to some illness or negative effects to the body. Furthermore, if the body hormones are balance, you will hardly experience hair loss.
  • Food: The kind of food you consume determines how healthy your body is. If you are not taking balanced diet, it might result to body imbalance. Therefore, it is pertinent to checkmate the level of your food intake and ensure appropriate measures are taken. For instance, ensure you take vitamin enriched food, fruits, etc, they will enable you to fight against sudden hair loss.
  • Smoking: About 40% of men in the world are irresistible to smoking. It has been proven that they are within the age bracket of 18-44. The is a major cause of hair loss. Surprised? You don’t need to be. It is because of the nicotine content in the cigarette. The only way to avoid it is to abstain from smoking.
  • Genes: Some people who experience hair loss is not because of stress, hormonal imbalance or other causes of it, it is pertinent to checkmate the generic history of your parents. Therefore, some people inherited it from their lineage.
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Preventive Measures Of Hair Loss (Bald)

We are delighted to inform you that there are preventive measures associated with hair loss. So, if you have been suffering from it, we will enlist some of the ways which your hair can gradually grow back.

  • Boost your hormones: Hormonal imbalance is a very serious factor to consider in handling hair loss. Therefore, in order to boost your hormones, you need  to be giving your body rest and abstain from excessive stress to enable your hormones to be balanced. When your hormones is always balanced, you will not experience hair loss again unless their are other causes of hair loss which you are experiencing as well.
  • Curtail Stress: Excessive stress is associated with a lot health issues of which hair loss is not exempted. Try to curtail stress in your work environment and other aspect of life. When this factor is considered, temporal hair loss will stop.
  • Quit Smoking: This is very hard for many men in the world. But if not considered, it will lead to excessive hair loss. Therefore, you need to quit smoking to enable your hair to start growing back. The nicotine content in it is dangerous.


Now, you have learnt how to prevent your hair from going bald in your 20s in this concise report. When you implement what you have learnt here, you will surely discover changes in your hair growth. Thanks for reading this report. We hope you find it helpful.

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