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Article Submission Guidelines.

Who we are.

HEALTH BODY WISE is an online clinic that meant to solve people medical problems, as we also dedicated to bring you articles on Health, Diet & Nutrition, Parenting, News & Lifestyle, Beauty & Skin care and Physical Fitness.  

Who we reach.

Health Body Wise is not just an articles blog, our staffs are working 24/7 in order to solve people health problems. Many folks types their health challenges in to search engines everyday in order to find solution to them. We are dedicated to solve these people problems and one of our greatest goal is to be everyone favourite online health website/clinic and be able to solve their problems.  

Who can write for us

  • Medical Students
  • Health Experts
  • Health Blogger

Type of content accepted

  • The content must unique
  • Health related article, as we won't consider any unrelated article.

Post Guidelines

  • The words must up to 1000 (Maximum)
  • The content must be fresh and never been published on your blog.
  • Must end with "Call-to-action"

Submission Guidelines

  • Only .txt, docx, .pdf, formats are accepted
  • The content must be submitted to our official email.
  • The subject of the mail must be "Healthbodywise Guest Post" (This will help us figure out spammers and those that doesn't read the guidelines).
  • Write a little note about yourself, include a link to your blog, your social media handles, when you're submitting content.

NOTE:- We reserve the right to edit your headlines, body copy and anything else, once you submit a piece of writing, it becomes Healthbodywise's property.

  There's a lot of emails on our inbox, so it takes up to 2 weeks for us to review your content and you'll be notify through email once we approve/reject.

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