4 Jaw-dropping Health Benefits Coconut Flour Will Give You


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4 Jaw-dropping Health Benefits Coconut Flour Will Give You

Do you know that Coconut flour is a peculiar alternative to wheat flour in terms of health benefits?

Yes! Coconut flour is commonly known among low-carb enthusiasts and people with an intolerance for gluten.

As a matter of fact, its quite an healthcare nutrition diet that gives several health benefits. For instance, it enhances sugar stability, improves digestion process, uplifts the healthy condition of the heart and importantly, helps to reduce weight(for those concerned).

I was going through some online bookmarked health sites and I noticed how major health blogs highlighted about coconut flour. This is why I decided to have a taste on this diet. As you know, I’m a foodie. Lol. But I’ve taken my time to research on this well, so that I can reveal this secret behind coconut flour to you.


What exactly is this coconut flour?

Coconut flour is a powder prepared from the flesh inside the coconut ball. However, the coconut turned into flour would’ve been ground and dried.

This flour could be historically traced back to the Philippines, where it was first made as a by-product of coconut milk.

In the process of manufacture, coconuts are at first cracked open and drained of its water. The fleshy meat is afterwards carved out, rinsed, grated, and strained to differentiate the milk from the solids. This product is however baked at a reduced heat, until the moment it dries up. Afterwards, they can grind it to turn out as a flour.


Benefits of Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is saddled with diverse health benefits ranging from one profile to another.

It’s high in beneficial fats and nutrients, as it offers various element of health benefits, including healthy fats.

Coconut flour offers a variety of nutrients, including healthy fats.

For instance, one 1/4 glass (30-gram) of serving contains (6):

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•Carbs: 18 grams

•Calories: 120

•Iron: 20% of the daily value (DV)

•Fiber: 10 grams

•Sugar: 6 grams

•Fat: 4 grams

•Protein: 6 grams

Meanwhile, coconut flour offers a plant-based iron and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

These MCTs are a form of fat known with various health benefits, such as protection against bacteria and viruses, weight loss, , and enhanced health and brain health.

Coconut Flour Keeps blood sugars stable

Coconut flour is blessed with fiber, which will help assist your blood sugar levels in constant check.

One 30-gram serving of coconut flour offers  a surprising 40%  fiber DV. Or better put, 3 and 10 times more than the same quantity of the whole-wheat flour respectively.

Foods that are rich in fiber aids in blood regulation. It also improves the blood sugar levels by slowing down the pace at which sugar arrives your bloodstream.

This is essentially realistic  for meals high in soluble fiber, that forms a gel in the process digestion.


  • Coconut Flour Promotes Healthy Digestion

That rich  fiber content inside coconut flour can improve your system’s digestion. For instance, much of its fiber is insoluble. And this generates your intestine bulk to stools and aids food movement at a smooth and steady pace through your gut. The risk of constipation is highly reduced even.


  • Coconut Flour Benefits the heart

Studies reveal  how taking  15–25 grams of coconut fiber everyday can help reduce total blood cholesterol rate by 11%, blood triglycerides by up to 22, and LDL (bad) cholesterol by 9%.

Coconut flour offers an element called lauric acid, a type of fat proven to eliminate  the bacteria in charge of building up plaque in your arteries. Meanwhile, this plaque is linked with the disease of the heart

Other researches conclude that lauric acid may have no result on LDL (bad) cholesterol, or even raise it. Hence, lauric acid’s cholesterol effects may vary by individual

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  • May help you lose weight

Coconut flours can assist you in reducing your weight due to its protein and fiber elements. These elements reduce the incidence of appetite. So, your hunger feeling rate would be reduced.

As earlier mentioned too, coconut flour comprises MCTs, that aren’t much likely to be stored as fat because they travel directly to your liver, where they’re used for energy production (21).

MCTs may also reduce appetite and are processed by your body differently than longer-chain fats found in foods like olives and nuts. This difference may help you burn slightly more calories.

However, this effect is likely small. In a review of 13 studies, replacing longer-chain fats with MCTs helped participants lose only 1.1 pounds (0.5 kg), on average, over 3 weeks or more (24).

Just have it in mind that the weight loss effects of MCTs usually demand that you consume much larger amounts than typically available in coconut flour.


  • Coconut Flour May kill harmful viruses and bacteria

We both already know how Coconut flour is rich in lauric acid, a type of fat that can conquer several infections.

Once you ingest it, lauric acid makes a compound named ‘monolaurin‘. A research from Test-tube reveals that lauric acid and monolaurin can defeat bacteria, harmful viruses, and fungi

Coconut flour tends to be denser than other flours and doesn’t bind a together easily.

Bakers often urge that you mix the coconut flour with other flours or add 1 egg for each 1/4 cup (30 grams) of coconut flour to offer your result a better texture.

Coconut flour appears lower in omega-6 fats — which people tend to eat too much of — than other gluten-free flours (6).

This becomes important due to the fact diets too rich in omega-6 fats and too poor in anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats are known to add to inflammation issues. This  may increase your risk of disease.

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As covered above, you can see how coconut flour is rich in carbs and fibre but low in fat. Yet, it’s more high  in fiber, lower in omega-6 fats, and milder in taste.

It enhances stable sugar levels in the blood, and also perfect in digestion, as it also improves the health of your heart. It’s also significant to remember how it  offers weight loss and fight certain infections in the body system. It’s really a wonderful alternative to other flours.

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