How to Make Yourself Fart

How to Make Yourself Fart
How to Make Yourself Fart

Many times, you’d have wondered how on earth would you conjure the almighty fart out for reliefs or certain purposes. Irrespective of any purpose you have to release fart, it’s the best suiting to your satisfaction. And today, you’ll see how to release fart when you want to.

I’ve always wanted to try new things, habits, and weird choices which are apparently far from being usual.

But one day, I was shocked when I saw a blog comment mail: ‘please how can I make myself fart?’. It sounds ridiculously hilarious, isn’t it?

Brother, you wouldn’t want to see how I grinned my teeth so hard so that my stomach began rumbling from excessive and intense laughter. You know sometimes, you’d curse a situation that plunges out a fart in the midst of many people😂. Especially when you’re on a date with the opposite sex you’re attracted to.

You don’t get me. Have you mistakenly flatulated in an official meeting before? Loud fart, I mean ?!

Okay, let’s be honest we both know unique situations when you’d need nothing than to just let the heck out-of-the-way.

You don’t get me. Has your bowel ever hurt you before?

But farting cuts out that pain. As ugly as a fart could be to a second party is it the sweetest moment for you. And who is damn licensed to query the say you independently have on your body system?

When I was still at the University, something terrible happened in my hostel during my second year.

An elected faculty beauty Queens paid me a visit, just for an interaction. She was well dressed, and everything. But in the middle of our talk in my room,… . Lmao, pardon me to cut the story short.

We both know farting is a natural activity requiring no schooling or any form of formal training. It’s without any help. Sometimes the buildup of gas in your body can result in pain and bloating. In such cases, this might help to use one or more poses or other techniques to help the body fart.

Knowing how to make yourself fart may be the difference between frequent discomfort and immediate relief.

Now, I’ll show you different simple hacks that will teach you how to make yourself fart and get rid of excess gas stuck in your digestive system.

How To Make Yourself Fart Quickly

Adjusting Your Body’s Position

Now, this way will instantly make you fart in no time is to change your body’s position. Do you know that certain body positions are that can allow you to fart easily? Let’s run through a few of them:

Sitting: Sit your hips on a chair in an upright position. Bend yourself over and try to reach your toes with your hand.

Upright: Certain people feel lying down ease their abdominal discomfort but staying upright helps to get rid of gas easily.

Squatting: It is called the “Haka Pose” in yoga. It is very intense but effective in getting rid of excess gas.

Kneeling Position: This is also called the “all-four method”. It involves putting your hands on the floor when you bend and stretch your butt to the air. This position helps to put pressure on the abdomen to make it easier to fart. The steps are:

Bow down your knees and then put your hands in front of you on the floor. Lift your butt in the air so that your legs and arms are fully stretched. Slowly inhale deeply to flatten your chest.

Hold for a few seconds to help push out trapped gas from your intestines. If important, give a little push to help you fart.


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Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage the fondling of the abdomen with various motions and pressure. This massage procedures naturally assists to relax abdominal muscles, stimulate peristalsis, and elevate the frequency of bowel movements. It as well reduces the uneasiness typically associated with constipation and get rid of trapped air by farting.

Regular abdominal massage can help to improve gastrointestinal symptoms.

Are you thinking of how to carry out this?

Lay on your back on a nice bed or mat.

Lift up your shirt to expose your belly.

Rub your hand together firmly to warm them up.

From your navel, gently press your fingers to make a rubbing motion and slowly circle out from the navel clockwise.

Keep making the rotational massage motions for about 120 seconds in total to help release that gas from your belly to make you fart.


Mild physical activities or exercise will help you get rid of excess gas. Try to walk or jog. Because it alone is enough to help get rid of bloating caused by excess gas in your intestine. Other exercises like the supine core exercises actually involve the muscle of your abdomen that makes you fart.


Some yoga positions will help you fart and get rid of excess intestinal gas. These poses help to apply pressure to your abdomen.

Lie flat on your back with your arms by your side.

Breathe slowly and raise your legs so that they are at a 90-degree angle and your toes are pointing to the ceiling.

Bring both knees to your chest and hold your knees by holding opposite elbows with your hands.

Bring your chin up to your knees and hold for a few seconds while continuing to breathe normally.

Release the place by laying your head back on the floor, releasing your knees, straightening your legs so they are pointing to the ceiling, then gently lowering them to the floor.

Seat Forward Bend Pose

Sit down with your butt on a yoga mat or cushion with your legs stretched in front of you.

Press through your heels and draw your toes back toward your shins. You can keep a slight bend in your knees.

Put your hands along your body and press into the floor as you lengthen your spine.

When you breathe out or exhale, slowly hinge at your hips and fold forward.

Walk your hands along your body. Rest them on the floor or on your legs. You can also clasp your hands around your feet.

As you breathe in, lift your torso slightly and lengthen your spine.

As you exhale, lower yourself deeper into the pose. Stay in the pose for up to 3 minutes.

Happy Baby Position Positioning

This Happy Baby Position also makes you fart instantly. Lie on your back with your knees bent along the side of your body and the soles of your feet facing toward the ceiling.

Allow your lower back to be flattened on the floor. Don’t roll back toward your shoulders.

Bring your hands to the outside of your feet

Use your hands to pull your legs down as though you want to bring your knees all the way down to the floor.

Press up into your hands through the soles of your feet to create resistance. Stay in this pose for up to 1 minute.

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Come into a kneeling position and sit back on your heels.

Adjust your knees such that they seem hip-width apart or slightly wider.

Slowly tame your hands before you as you bend at the hips.

Allow your torso to rest on your thighs.

Afterward, straighten the back of your neck and rest your forehead on the floor.

You may keep your arms lengthened or bring them along your body with your palms facing up.

Make your belly to fall massively into your legs. And then, keep up a gentle pressure to this area.

Relax at this place for about 5 minutes.

Two-Knee Spinal Twist Position That’ll Make You Fart

  • Lie down on your back and bend your knees to bring your legs into your chest place. Pull your arms to a side so they correspond with your shoulders. Keep your palms facing down. Breathe out as you bring your legs over to the right side.
  • Maintain your knees to be that close together as possible. Your knees should be at the hip level, too; Use your right hand to press into your right knee and then, turn your gaze to look over to the left side. You can also keep your neck neutral or look to the right. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side


When you make yourself fart in the public, or where another party seems ugly. Though, it is a normal function of your body system. The best is still to enjoy the shit alone. Asides from the fact it’s offensive, it paints you an ugly image, I think.

I already covered how to make yourself fart fast. The above dietary, physical, and health procedures will help you to.

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