Routine Health Checks For Adults

Routine Health Checks For Adults



In the course of carrying out our daily activities, our body systems undergo changes that deviate from the normal. These changes have severe implications on our health because when the balance which ensures normal body functioning changes, several diseases begin to manifest.

And so, it is in order that we go to the hospital for regular health check-ups to confirm whether our body systems are normal. If there are noticeable changes, treatments, or changes in lifestyle will be advised by your Physician.

The definition of routine health-checks is difficult to put into a phrase. But, experts can simply state that it involves regular visits to a certified Health Physician for him or her to carry out tests or examination of your body organs and body condition.

These routine health-checks are for everybody but more important under the following conditions:

  • Advancement in age: Persons who are 30 years old and above are advised to go for routine health-checks.


  • Habitual lifestyles: Persons who smoke, drink, or take in sugar habitually should go for regular health-checks.


  • Familial disease: If there is any notorious disease that is wide-spread among your family members, you will need regular health-checks to regulate it effectively and prevent it from breaking out of your body.

In most conditions, health-checks are carried out by Doctors when you go for a diagnosis of disease or illness. The Doctor may now advise you after the tests, to visit regularly for check-ups, or otherwise, depending on the results of his tests.

For a healthy person who does not offer any symptomatic disease, consistent health check-ups are more imperative for people who are adults. This is because adults are involved in more habitual activities than children. Hence, they are prone to many more life-threatening diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, and organ failure.

These are what regular health-checks will help you to achieve.



  • It will help you to identify present health issues, or developing ones.


  • It will also help you to reduce the cost of treatment. Because early treatments are less expensive than treatments that commence late.


  • It will protect you from the suffering associated with diseases that have reached a chronic level.


  • Alerts you to adopt a more positive lifestyle.


  • Helps you understand your body better and know what it wants.



Now, you would be asking this. To provide an answer, health check-ups done once every four months or once every three months are considered appropriate. However, following a series of examinations by your health care provider, you may be advised to return at an earlier date or later date as he deems necessary.




A certified health Physician can provide medical check-ups, however, not all have a complete set of tools to provide carry out as many tests as possible, due to the limitations in their certificates.

A Medical Doctor has the highest qualification and is disposed to providing you with most of the tests. The remainder of which he can fill a letter and direct you to the appropriate health-care practitioner.

The advice I can offer you on this is to visit your family doctor if you have one. This is because they keep a better record of your family illnesses and are best equipped with a track of your background, these provide him with background details upon which to identify health check-ups that you need or the most effective drugs that will cure your diseases.

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Here, is a list of essential health-checks.

We have given a comprehensive list of essential check-ups to undergo occasionally to monitor the state of your body. It will be difficult to discuss each of these check-ups on this page. However, we can discuss check-ups required for the discovery of the most common diseases.

These check-ups include blood pressure checks, diabetes tests, cancer tests, tests for eye defects, and tests for various prevalent sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to test for these because their developments are insidious; meaning they develop gradually, quietly, and without symptoms.



Blood pressure happens to be one out of four major vital signs of good health. The other three include body temperature, heart rate, and bleeding rate. The vital signs indicate the general condition or disposition of the individual, since they are tied to all the organs of the body, and so they indicate the state of other body organs.

The blood pressure test determines the amount of force that the heart pushes into the blood vessels. It is this force that carries blood inside blood vessels, to their various destinations in the body.

A blood pressure level is represented as a/b mmHg. Where a is referred to as systolic pressure and is valued as the pressure or force inside the artery ( a blood vessel ), whenever the heart contracts. b is referred to as diastolic pressure and is valued as the pressure or force in the artery when the heart relaxes.

mmHg is the unit of measurement and means Millimetre Mercury. Normal blood pressure is indicated by any value less than 120/80 mmHg and greater than 90/60 mmHg ( value for low blood pressure ). However, high blood pressure has values of 140/90 mmHg or higher.


Causes Of High Blood Pressure

They include;

  • Fear
  • Stress
  • High Cholesterol
  • Plaque build-up in the blood vessels

Modifications in lifestyle, meal, and having more rest can depress or reduce high blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Checking Methods

There are three ways in which blood pressure can be checked;

  • Manually
  • With the use of automated blood pressure machines
  • By making use of blood pressure Apps

The third is largely unreliable as the results it produced have been compared with those of the other more reliable and accurate methods and found wanting.

The second requires the purchase of the machine which is relatively expensive.

The first is the cheapest and more common in rural areas where health care is accessible. It involves a set of apparatus consisting of a compressible balloon attached to a pressure cuff, a stethoscope, and an aneroid monitor.

The automated blood pressure machines are what you can afford to buy and use singly at home, although with occasional supervision by your Physician to confirm if its result is still accurate. Many online websites including Amazon sell automated blood pressure machines and the guidelines for their use are variable according to the brand. Check the User’s manual for procedures on how to use it. Also, invite your health care provider for inspection.

With this, you can be able to personally monitor your blood pressure every day and regulate your lifestyle as at when necessary, without always going to the hospital. That way, you can avoid falling into the risk of developing high blood pressure or low blood pressure which can be very devastating and life-threatening to you.

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Growing into adults requires a shift in nutrients taken. Indulging in more physical activities means adults have to take foods rich in sugar. This is where all the bread, garlic, rice, and other wheat, fufu, et cetera come in. Some adults also make it a habit to dissolve many sugar cubes in their tea or any other liquid drink. The purchase of sweet drinks is also common in adults.

These food have one thing in common; they increase the sugar level in your blood. Although that is not entirely bad if you engage in lots of physical activities or exercise, or if you do too much academic work. This is because brainy activities and physical activities consume plenty of sugar in the blood and therefore, balance your sugar level.

However, a sedentary lifestyle or one in which your sugar in-take level is higher than the rate of your physical or mental activities will expose you to the risk of suffering a disease characterized by a high sugar level in the blood. This disease is called diabetes.


These are people who are prone to suffer from diabetes

  • If you are 40 years and older.
  • If you are considered to be fat.
  • Those who do not exercise frequently.
  • Patients who have high blood pressure, low level of good cholesterol in the blood, or high level of triglycerides in their blood.
  • A record if insulin resistance in family medical history.
  • You have a record of suffering stroke or hypertension in your family’s medical history.
  • There is a family record of diabetes.
  • Those who are Asians, Africans, Pacific Islanders, or Native Americans. These boil down to the nature of their foods which are largely carbohydrates or sugar-based.



Blood Sugar Tests

In a bid to prevent Quacks from getting knowledge of how to professionally carry out blood sugar tests on patients, only steps in conducting blood tests on self will be detailed here. Professional steps are to be carried out by certified Health Professionals and patients are advised to visit them if they need professional tests and guidance.


Home Tests For Blood Sugar Level

This can be achieved using two methods;

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring ( CGM ) method.
  • Glucometer method.

The CGM method

It can be erroneous when testing for a low sugar level in blood. And this is where the use of Glucometer takes advantage.


Glucometer Method Of Testing Blood Sugar Level

This is the most accurate home method of testing blood sugar levels. A Glucometer can be purchased online. Detailed steps of fingerstick glucose meter tests differ with the kind of glucose meter. However, when you purchase the tools online, it comes with instructions for the User.

The general step for all kinds of Glucometer involves the User puncturing a fingertip and placing a drop of blood on the glucose meter strip. The glucose meter strip is always attached to the device. The results of the test will appear on the device in twenty seconds at most.

If the results of the test display value less than 70-99 mg/dL before breakfast, lunch, dinner, and before you eat snacks, then you are safe without diabetes. Also, if it displays less than 140 mg/dL about two hours after you have eaten, then you do not have abnormal levels of sugar in your blood. That is to say, you are not suffering from diabetes.

That is how to monitor your blood sugar level. Please, visit your health care provider for advice on what next to do if the result says you are a diabetic patient. Further diabetes tests will be carried out to confirm the results, after which a change in lifestyle, and meals will be advised by your Physician. You may also be placed on some drugs to regulate your blood sugar level.

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Like other adulthood diseases earlier mentioned, cancer is common among adults. It is characterized by cells actively dividing at a highly abnormal rate, in a specific part of the body like breast, prostate, lung, et cetera. Although some cancers are gender-specific. For example, breast cancer is more common in women while prostate cancer is more common in men. Whereas skin cancer and heart cancer are common to both genders.

It is necessary to occasionally undergo cancer tests because their development is insidious, meaning it is too slow and will only manifest symptoms at a stage that the patient can no longer be saved. Hence, when detected in its early stages, it can be treated and the patient freed from its grip.

N/B: Cancer is a life-threatening disease.

Researchers have revealed that the most common cancers are breast cancer, prostate, and lung cancers. Termed according to the body part where they manifest.

Cancer is also termed a malignant tumor. It involves the development of a normal cell into a malignant or tumor cell. The development is multi-staged. However, it results from the interaction of a person’s gene with external carcinogens ( carcinogens are substances which can induce or cause cancer ). These carcinogens can be found in ultraviolet rays, tobacco ( cigarettes ), and some micro-organisms.

Many cancers are curable if diagnosed on time. That is why occasional cancer tests are advised for adults.


Cancer Tests Or Diagnosis

Cancer tests or diagnoses are professionally carried out by certified experts who have the necessary equipment and gadgets. A private visit to Hospitals or Pharmacies may be all you need to do, to make yourself available for cancer screens and detect its development or absence.

Symptoms of cancer however include weight loss, fever, fatigue, a lump in cancer location, skin discoloration at the site, anemia, swollen lymph node, food indigestion ( for colon cancer ), bleeding ( blood in cough sputum indicates lung cancer whereas blood in stool indicates rectum or colon cancer ). These are the general symptoms of all cancers. Although the over 100 kinds of cancers all have their specific symptoms.

Cancer treatments are possible if the disease is detected in its early stage of development. However, it depends on the type of cancer, stage of its development, your overall health, and your choice of treatment. In any case, these are between you and your Doctor.

Options for treatments range from chemotherapy to surgery, immunotherapy, bone marrow transplant, hormone therapy, targeted drug therapy, and radiation therapy.



A healthy man is a wealthy man. This phrase goes for both genders. It is possible to live in your old age, and not have your breath cut short by a fatal disease. However, this will require you to take realistic care of your health, by undergoing occasional medical check-ups in the hospital or carrying out home tests for those diseases where it is possible to.


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