Ugly Truths About Stomach Upset In Babies

Ugly Truths About Stomach Upset In Babies


Everything you should know about stomach upset in babies

Why is your baby crying for over 3 hours non-stop, is it because of stomach upset?

If your answer to the above question is YES, then have you ever thought of the actual causes of stomach upset in babies?

How can you help if you know the cause of the baby’s stomach upset?

Do you even know that there are some home remedies for stomach upset in babies?

And finally, do you wish to know the ugly truth about stomach upset in babies?

Wow, I bet you feel like you are in an examination hall trying to figure out the best answers to the above questions. Well, you don’t need to bother your head because this article will cover and clear all your doubts concerning stomach upset in babies.


Why is your baby crying for over 3 hours – is it because of stomach upset?

If this question was to be answered effectively, then several factors need to be considered before coming into a conclusion. Here is a scenario where a nursing mother became so curious and confused because her baby was crying for over three hours non-stop, but all was on her mind was that the baby was having a serious stomach upset.

So she was giving the baby all sorts of stomach medications she must have read somewhere but all seem to make the matter worsen. Not until she invited my friend who was a practicing nurse ( the lady that told me this story). She said after carrying out all the tests should, she found out that the baby was crying because of his wet diapers. Isn’t that funny?

So, therefore, the point you should take home from this short scene is that it is not every time that your baby cries for a long time means a sign of stomach upset but could be as a result of other factors like wet diapers, sleeplessness, fatigue, hunger, pains, illness, gas, fear of the stranger, anxiety, nose over-stimulation, food allergies, and acid reflux.

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Ensure you consider all these factors before concluding that your baby has a stomach upset. Don’t get it twisted. The baby may cry for such a long time as a result of stomach upset but don’t be too quick to conclude.

What if the baby was confirmed to have stomach upset, what could have been the cause?

When we talk about stomach upset in babies and we don’t discuss its actual cause, therefore something is missing. Now back to the question; the following discussed below could have caused the stomach upset.

  • Colon: Colon is a very controversial cause of stomach upset in babies in which most doctors are yet to figure out its main cause. The colon is common among babies under three months of age which often leads to pains in their abdominal area – thereby making them cry for a long period of time. But some factors are likely to be the causes of the colon which may be;
  1. When a baby cries for more than three hours for three days, consistently.
  2. When the baby passes a lot of gas
  3. When the baby takes his/her leg to the position of the chest while crying.
  4. When the baby cries too much in the evening

What you can do: Well, the best thing you do for a baby in a situation like this, is to use your motherly care strategies in stopping the baby from crying. You can choose to dance around with the baby, sing and pet the baby, or give the baby a pacifier.


  • Gas: Gas could be another cause of stomach upset in babies. This usually happens when the baby swallows air, has trouble in digestion while feeding, or get it through breastfeeding whenever the mother eats some kind of foods.

What you can do: If your baby gets stomach pain due to the effect of the gas, the best solution is to call your doctor on phone and discuss the right kinds of foods you should eat and what your baby should eat.

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  • GERD: Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a situation where the baby begins to some kind of heartburn from the sensation of stomach acids that are moving up to the esophagus. Some major signs symptoms of this disease include; loss of appetite, weight loss, hiccups, cough, ear disease, vomiting, choking, and some other signs.

What can you do: Visit your doctor as he is likely to give new feeding positions and also prescribed some drugs to get rid of the stomach acids.


  • Constipation: There is always stomach upset in babies whenever they are constipated. As soon as your baby starts finding it difficult to excrete and also having a poor bowel movement – then it is likely to be a sign of constipation. Some major causes of constipation include; milk allergies, diet changes, medications, poor intake of water, and lack of fiber.

What you can do:

  1. Ensure your baby moves around
  2. Give your baby enough water.
  3. Avoid giving your baby excess milk and cheese
  4. Let your baby take at least a spoon or two spoonfuls of prune juice.



Home Remedies To Soothe Stomach Upset In Babies

Here are quick home remedies you can use whenever you discover stomach upset in babies.

  1. Chamomile Tea: You can use chamomile tea to soothe stomach upset in babies because of its anti-inflammatory property. Just get a teabag of chamomile tea and prepare it in warm water. You can give your baby some spoons of this tea.
  1. Warm Compress: You can get a warm compress and gently press it against your baby’s abdominal area to suppress the stomach upset in your baby. You can repeat this warm compress method for about 2-3 times every morning and night for more effectiveness.
  1. Mustard Oil: You can use mustard oil to massage the abdomen of your baby in an anti-clockwise manner because this has been proven to stimulate the digestive system of the baby and also help the trapped gasses in your baby’s stomach. You are also advised to massage your baby’s body daily.
  1. Bicycling: You can also use the bicycling method to relieve stomach upset in babies. All you have to do is to ensure that your baby lies flat on his back, moves his/her leg back and forth in a bicycling manner. This has been proven to release the gasses in the baby’s stomach.
  1. Yogurt: Yes yogurt will make the baby stool out all the bacteria causing stomach upset probably as a result of diarrhea. This whole process is most likely to reinstall your baby’s digestive system to its normal state.
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Now, do you want to know the ugly truth about stomach upset in babies?

Yes, the ugly truth is actually what you are going to agree with – if truly, you followed this article from the beginning. Then, you should agree that not every time your baby cries for a long period indicates that the baby has a stomach upset. You should also agree that there are some home remedies for stomach upset in babies but if it goes beyond what we have discussed in this article today then we should not hesitate to call the attention of your doctor.

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