What You Should Know About In Vitro fertilization (IVF)

What You Should Know About In Vitro fertilization (IVF)

What You Should Know About In Vitro fertilization

In Vitro fertilization popularly known by its acronym (IVF) is a medical procedure that helps people having issues with fertilization become pregnant.

In in-vitro-fertilization, the egg cells of a woman are taken and are artificially inseminated in a lab. After that, the fertilized eggs are then placed in her uterus where one of it is expected to implant in the uterine lining. The moment that happens, pregnancy occurs.



Should I Go For IVF?

Are you thinking of going for In vitro fertilization? Are you seriously considering if IVF is the exact thing you need right now?

Well, here is what you should know:

•If you are facing infertility issues, in vitro fertilization is not always the first thing you should go for. There are other types of artificial insemination that you should probably consider before going for IVF.

•The major reason is because in vitro fertilization is quite expensive. Though it is very effective. Only a very small percentage of couples having issues with conceptions go for it. You and your partner would need to sit down with a doctor and find out if that is the option you should go for or not. The doctor may suggest other options that may likely turn out to be the exact thing you need at the moment.


How In-Vitro Fertilization Is Done

Have you ever wondered how IVF is conducted? Here is how it is done.

Over a period of months, the doctor in charge of the whole process will give you some medications which you will have to take according to his directions. The medications can lasts for up to 3 months depending on the doctor’s decision.

The essence of those medications is to help you produce lots of quality eggs that can be easily fertilized with sperms from your partner or a donor.

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Once you’ve gone through those medications and have been to produce the amount and quality of eggs that the doctor needs from you, he will retrieve them from your ovary. During this process of getting those eggs from you, he will pass a very small tube through your vagina to your ovary where the eggs are.

After the retrieval, they will be taken to a lab where they will be inseminated and kept together with the sperms for some time, allowing fertilization to occur.

Once fertilization has taken place (in less than a week after the retrieval and mixing together), the embryos (at least one of them) will be transferred into your uterus by the doctor. This is usually done through a tube just like during the egg retrieval process.

The moment any of the transferred embryos attaches itself to your uterine lining, pregnancy occurs. Your whole body will start changing just the way it would with every other method of becoming pregnant.



Is In-Vitro Fertilization Painful To Conduct?

Is In-Vitro Fertilization Painful To Conduct?

While reading about the processes involved in IVF or how it is done, a common question that often come up on most people’s minds is “does it hurt?”, “Is IVF usually painful?”

The truth is that normally, IVF processes do not cause any form of pain. You won’t even feel a thing till it’s done.

This is because there are medications the doctor will give to you to help you relax and be comfortable while the whole procedure is going on.

In-Vitro Fertilization Success Rate

The success rate of In-vitro fertilization has greatly improved over the years. Presently it is reported that over 40% of embryos transferred into the uterus results in live birth in women below the age of 30 while for women above 30, the success rate is below 8%.

The Cost Of Conducting In vitro fertilization.

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There is no fixed charges for conducting IVF. That is why the cost differs from country to country and from clinic to clinic. In most places you can have IVF done for less than $15,000. In some other places, it could cost a little more than that.

You will have to do a proper research (both online and offline) to find out which clinic charges the exact amount that suits your budget.

Final Words

Like we have seen in this article, IVF stands for In vitro fertilization. It is a method in which the egg cells of a woman are retrieved and fertilized with her partner’s sperm cells artificially in a medical lab. After that, the embryos are transferred into her uterus where one of them attaches itself to the lining of her uterus, resulting in pregnancy.

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