Maintenance For The Skin

Maintenance For The Skin



As the largest organ in man, the skin is very important because it generally protects the internal organs and tells on their condition. This is because health comes from within. There are several other reasons why maintaining the skin is important; from looking more attractive to have a skin that is difficult to be pierced by needles during parenteral medications. Having dry skin can also cause you low self-esteem thereby influencing your performance in any workplace you find yourself.

Before we discuss how to maintain and nourish the skin, let us discuss factors that can affect the texture of any skin type. They include:

  • Gene
    Gene has a role to play in the kind of skin you have. If it is common in your family to have dry skin then there may be little you can do to genetically erase that. It may require Geneticists. However, that might be a step taken too far because of associated side-effects. If you read on, you will discover there are ways you can complement your nature and boost your self-esteem without genetically editing your skin type.


  • Stress
    Stress too can cause side-effects such as dry skin, acne, weight loss, and changes in skin color. It is necessary to identify what consumes most of your time, leaving you with little time to rest. Rest allows your body to recover from activities and replenish all lost nutrients when you are immobile. If you can identify these stressful lifestyles and tone down on them, your skin will come back to life again.


  • Drugs
    Certain drugs cause dry skin as a side-effect. If you notice changes in skin texture after beginning a dose prescribed by your doctor it is necessary to report all side-effects to him for necessary dosage modifications or drug withdrawal.


  • Inadequate water intake
    Any time the human body is de-hydrated and working on reduced water supply, the skin is always a way it tells the person. Thirst is different from de-hydration concerning what it intends to satisfy. Whereas thirst is caused by a few hours of no water-intake and can be quenched by taking a cup or two cups of water, consistent thirst every day can cause insufficient water supply in the body.
    The human skin needs plenty of water to look radiant and tender. Starve it of 1.2-2 liters of water every day and it will react.
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  • Lifestyles Such As Excessive Smoking And Drinking
    Everything worth doing is worth doing well. Well, not in the case of smoking and drinking alcohol. Because if you must drink alcohol much and smoke tobacco much too then you must be prepared for dry and wrinkled skin. Some elements in tobacco disrupt the fibers of collagen and elastin which constitute our skin, thereby making it look disrupted and dry.
    Alcohol on its own dehydrates the internal system. This reflects on the human skin as discussed above. Excessive alcohol-intake also has other side-effects which make the skin lose its natural shape. One side-effect worthy of mention is Rosacea. Drifting away from these habits or lifestyles can pave way for your skin to regain its natural tone and texture.


  • Climate
    For those living in the equator, the sun can be unbearable. Temperatures rise as high as 37degree centigrade and stay that high for most parts of the day. Only to fall at night and return to high temperature in the coming day. This explains why Africans living in countries along the equator have hard skin. Whereas those of them who have migrated to countries with milder climates have developed a supple skin



General Skin Care Routines

  • Herbal Tea
    Drinking herbal teas can be very healthy for your skin. Numerous antioxidants in herbal teas help to eliminate bad waste in the skin and keep them ever fresh.


  • Use Natural Ingredients To Make Face Mask
    Many girls have been longing for a supple facial skin that will put a natural beauty on their face without requiring makeups. Facial masks are the way to go. However, organic ingredients provide a more blending transition to achieving that desired skin tone.
    Ingredients such as avocado and honey can be very effective.


  • Not All Vegetable Lovers Are Vegetarians
    You can add more vegetables to your diet without essentially becoming a Vegetarian. Vegetable diets are a good source of receiving antioxidants and vitamins which are vital to the health of your skin.
    Vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamins E and C can reinvigorate your skin and give it a longer-lasting healthy appearance.
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  • Exercise
    You sure have not read this for the first time. Physical exercises like jogging and yoga will hasten the blood flow to your skin. Blood is a connective tissue that transports essential nutrients to the skin.


  • Drink Water Like Fish
    Adequate water-intake by the body means the skin too can get a sufficient portion of it to appear rehydrated and moisturized. The human body needs at least 1.6-2 liters of fluid every day to make the skin look alive among other results.


  • Rub Mild Soaps
    The skin has more to benefit from organic soaps than inorganic soaps. This is related to the fact that organic soaps contain more useful ingredients that nourish the skin. Some soaps are known to contain honey and avocado, two ingredients necessary for the development of good and lustrous skin.


  • Conclusion
    The skin is a very important organ that not only protects the other internal organs but also provides aesthetic to a person. When it is poorly maintained, it deteriorates and like other abandoned things, becomes a shadow of its self. Thereby failing in its functions. These skincare routines are never isolated. A combination of all of them and many more that can be found online will provide you with purely nourished and supple skin.
    Also, knowledge of the factors discussed earlier can help guide you on other ways to gain beautiful skin and keep it.

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