Physical Fitness: The Importance and Health Benefits


Physical fitness:The importance and health benefits


It is well known that physical activity and exercise is very important for everyone. Both children, adolescents, and adults of all ages need a regular physical activity to keep physical fitness. You should know that Physical activities promotes good health, and you should also stay active throughout all stages of your life regardless of your body type.

For you to understand the importance and benefits of physical fitness and knowing how active you should be can really help you maintain good health and also improve your overall quality of life.


Today, the health body wise team brings to you some benefits of regular physical activity that demonstrate the importance of physical fitness in your life.


In U.S, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, it is discovered that chronic diseases causes 7 out of 10 deaths in the U.S., and also, treating chronic diseases accounts for about 86% of U.S. healthcare costs. But however, while some diseases cannot be prevented, you can actually reduce your risk for certain disease like heart disease and diabetes, and through reducing risky behaviors and living a healthy lifestyle.

And by making healthy choices, like engaging in a regular physical activity, you can reduce your risk for getting many health problems and complications that can result in expensive medical care.


Many studies have shown that a regular physical activity can increase life expectancy and also reduces the risk of premature mortality. No magic formula that will translates hours of physical activity into hours of life gained, however, research has suggested that people who are more physically active tend to be healthier and tend to live longer.


Having regular exercise and physical activity increase muscle strength, flexibility, bone density, and also stability. Having physical fitness can reduce your risk for and resilience to any accidental injuries, especially as you grow older. A perfect example is when you have a stronger muscles and better balancing which means that you’re less likely to slip and fall, and a stronger bones means that you’re less likely to suffer any bone injuries should you take a tumble.

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Having a sedentary lifestyle and a lack of physical activity can take a toll on a person’s body system. Having physical inactivity is associated with an increased risk for some types of cancer, mental health issues, and lots of chronic diseases. Having physical fitness through exercise, however, has been shown to improve mood and mental health, and also provides lots of health benefits. And of course, having physical fitness also allows you to do things that you might not be able to do.


To stay active and healthy gives you the opportunity to do activities that require a certain level of physical fitness. A perfect example is such as hiking to the top of a mountain which is an amazing and rewarding experience that instils a sense of accomplishment and provides a spectacular scenery, but however, there are people who cannot experience this due to limitations in physical fitness.

Also know that even walking around the zoo with your family or playing on the playground with your children can be very challenging for people who neglect physical activity for an extended periods of time. But being active simply means that it’s easier to stay active as you grow older.


We have lots of health benefits to physical fitness. As said before, a regular exercise and physical activity promotes strong muscles and bones. And also, it improves respiratory system, cardiovascular health, and your overall health. Note that staying active can also help you maintain a healthy weight, prevents heart disease, reduce your risk of getting diabetes, and also reduces your risk for cancers.

So in other words, staying active is a very crucial part of maintaining good physical fitness and good health.


You need to stand up whenever you are doing some jobs, because too much sitting and other sedentary activities can increase your risk of having heart disease and stroke. According to a study which showed that adults who watch television more than 5 hours a day had about 80% higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

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Note that being more active can help you:

•To lower your blood pressure

•To boost your levels of good cholesterol

•To improve blood flow or circulation

•To keep your weight under control

•To prevent bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis

•And all these can add up to fewer medical expenses, interventions and medications later in your life.


Having a regular physical activity can relieve stress, anger, depression and anxiety. Remember that feel good sensation you get after doing something very physical, think of it as a happy pill with no side effects! So many people notice they feel better over time when physical activity becomes a regular part of their lives.

Through physical activities, here are some other benefits you will get once you have good physical fitness: 

•You will be free from smoking, because it will help you quit smoking and stay tobacco free

•It will boosts your energy level so you can get more jobs done.

•It will help you to manage tension and stress.

•It will help promotes a good positive attitude and outlook in you.

•It will help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

•It will improves your self-confidence and self-image.

•It will help you find fun ways to spend time with your family, friends and pets.

•It will help you spend more time outdoors, in your community and your neighborhood.

According to the American heart association who recommends that people should have at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week. Anyone can knock that out in about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

So you need to encourage your family to be more active, and challenge yourself to meet your daily or weekly physical activity goals to have physical fitness. Try to play outdoor sports with the whole family, also schedule time each day to go to the gym, or pick up healthy, active hobbies like running or cycling.

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To do all these, you need to just move more, with more intensity, and sit less. And remember you don’t have to make big life changes to see the benefits of physical fitness. You just need to start building more activity into your day, one step at a time. Health Body Wise cares about you, so make exercise and physical activity a permanent part of your daily routine and your physical fitness will grow with time!

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