Pregnancy: 17 Terrible Practices That Can Damage the Foetus of a Pregnant Woman

17 terrible practices That Can damage The foetus of a pregnant woman.

Terrible Practices That Can Damage the Foetus of a Pregnant Woman

Getting set for your new bouncing baby boy or girl is one of the sweetest moments in life.

But the pregnancy moment before a baby is born is delicate. Caution must be put on certain areas of a pregnant woman’s actions, so that the foetus wouldn’t be hurt. I’ve seen physically and mentally damaged individuals whose from my research, were hurt since the pregnancy stage. Had their pregnant mum read this article, it wouldn’t be that case.

Certain activities could be dangerous for a pregnant woman to go on. Hands down, these precautions are easy to abide by during your pregnancy period. Apart from the common abstinence from alcohol, certain drugs, foods and activities could be detrimental to your health or the child’s. Because, you’re two bodies in one. Every thing you manifest tells on the new kid coming forth.

Hence, since the health of the baby is important, the following are areas you have to concentrate on:

Physical Activities that can contribute to Damage the Foetus of a Woman with Pregnancy

1. Heavyweight training:

Pulling up huge objects gets your back vulnerable to pelvis strain. Asides, it may result into leakage and increases the chances of prolapse (uterus slips into the vagina). Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry heavy or weighty things. But you could rather hold it near to your body, bend your knee slowly and not engage yourself in twisting your back while pulling such objects up. In case you once got a miscarriage, I’ll suggest that you totally do away with any training of weight.


2. Certain types of yoga:

One of an awesome activity is Yoga. Well, sope yoga styles require that you twist and stretch various joints such so much. This can affect the foetus. Also, a closed twists, postures that faces your belly downwardly, full inversions and backends is a wonderful practice, but some positions that require a lot of stretching and twisting should be avoided. In case you’re a yoga expert or even novice, you should avoid self-decision in practicing yoga exercises. I suggest that you ask your doctor. You can verify this during moments of antenatal care too.

3. Sauna or hot tubs:

It could be dentrimental to the foetus when you relax in the hot bathtub. The reason is it could increase the risk of birth defects, as well as infectious ailments if the water or the tub isn’t clean enough. If at all you want a relaxation in the bathtub, the temperature of the water in it shouldn’t exceed your body’s warmth.

4. Amusement rides:

Amusement park rides are also places a pregnant woman must avoid. You could be used to nauseating. In such case, prevent yourself from every circular or vertical motion present in the air.

5. Running and jogging:

If you aren’t used to jogging and running before, starting afresh on this activity during pregnancy is dangerous, for the foetus. Don’t run too, if you aren’t prone to it. Walking effects better for exercise, rather that to jog or run.

6. Cycling:

Riding a bicycle isn’t a good idea during gestation. But you might have been used to it before you entered the gestational period. You’re good to go cycling, in such cases. But if you aren’t used to it before, and for the excuse of exercise, you go cycling, the foetus could be hurt. Avoid cycling.

7. Rigorous work:

Gestation is a period of caution on handling things. It’s cool to go on exercise. But try to make it light. Then, ensure that your heart beat is lesser than 140 beats per minute. During the course of an exercise, you can feel exhausted. Study how your body reacts and then, rest.

8. Downhill skiing and snowboarding:

You need to do with snowboarding and downhill skiing. Accidentally, you may lose the body balance of your body and then suffer from intense and injuries and falla. Gentle slopes are great ideas, if you want to ski.

9. Scuba diving, surfing, and water-skiing:

There are times you’d surface over waters. Thus, chances are that air bubbles form in your bloodstream. Also, surfing and water-skiing can increase the risk of falls and injury. The decompression during scuba diving could adversely affect the baby.

Being physically active is important in pregnancy as it prevents complications and makes your labor easy. But that does not give you the freedom to perform any physical activity. You need to be careful in your movements, especially after the first trimester. Consult your doctor before you take up any physical activities / exercises.

Avoid sitting or standing for too long

At your pregnancy stage, you should be in the same position for a long moment, either sitting or standing. Because it could inflict your ankles to swell. Also vein problems occur when you do this.

You can attempt taking short breaks frequently to move around if you’ve been seated, or to put your legs up if you’ve been on your feet.

Foods and Drugs You Must Avoid During Pregnancy

Whatever you ingest, the baby takes. Here are what you should avoid:

10. Shellfish and Raw meat: Seafoods which are uncooked like crabs, oysters, etc, are detrimental to an expectant woman’s health. Uncooked chicken or beef are dangerous too. Because they’re most times contaminated with toxoplasmosis or salmonella.


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11. Fishes which are highly concentrated in mercury: Fishes of this kind could be shark, king mackerel, tile fish, and swordfish. You could wonder about tuna. Fortunately, canned, chunk light tuna has lower levels of mercury, but it’s still smart to eat it sparingly.


12. Seafoods That are Smoked: Do you know there’s a high chance this refrigerated, smoked seafood could be contaminated with listeria? Smoked seafoods which are canned or shelf-safe however, are awesome for your health and the baby’s.


13. Raw eggs: This includes foods that contain raw eggs, so be wary of homemade Caesar dressings, Hollandaise sauces, mayonnaise, and certain custards. Raw eggs can pose a risk of salmonella.


14. Soft cheeses: Some imported soft cheeses can have listeria, so steer clear of soft cheeses like Roquefort, feta, Gorgonzola, Camembert, and Brie. Mexican cheeses such as queso blanco and queso fresco should also be avoided, unless they’re made from pasteurized milk.


15. Be Careful with Caffeine

Caffeine is know to be a stimulant and also a diuretic. You know it’s consequence? Taking your usual coffee cups all day will increase your blood pressure, heart rate, and the number of trips you make to the restroom. Plus, caffeine crosses the placenta.

Although, you may function just fine caffeinated, your growing baby doesn’t. That’s because your baby’s metabolism is still developing.

16. Beware of Certain Medications

Certain drugs could be dentrimental to your foetus. Hence, I suggest that you speak with your doctor, and ask about his say on you considering it.

17. Beware of Alcoholic Drinks

Do away with beer, wine, liquor or anything alcoholic during your gestation stage. You know why? It transfers quickly to your bloodstream, and then to the umbilical cord that feeds the foetus. You wouldn’t want your coming baby be high in gin, actually. His developing brain would be affected badly with anything alcohol.


We both know pregnancy is a time limited to certain period. In this period, premature birth, spectrum disorders, brain damage, various birth hazards, birth miscarriage, and even stillbirth can occur. Remember, you won’t be pregnant for eternity. Hands down, these restrictions will be lifted immediately you give birth to your beautiful baby.

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