10 Ways To Take Great Care Of Your Hair

10 Ways To Take Great Care Of Your Hair

Ten Ways To Take Great Care Of Your Hair

This post will be dedicated to the maintenance of the hair on a woman’s scalp. This is essentially because hair has much more roles to play in females than it does in males. And because it is a little bit more technical to manage a female’s hair than a male’s.

And so for a lady, there are numerous reasons to keep a great hair on your head. Asides aesthetic role, the female hair appeals sexually towards the other gender if properly maintained. It is as well, a confidence booster and a way to suggest a person grooms herself properly. These are amongst other reasons why you need to keep your hair looking great and smelling great.



Find out what you must do to make your hair great, and keep it that way.

Find out what you must do to make your hair great, and keep it that way.


Rule number one! This is paramount because our hair naturally produces its own oil moisturizer and fragrance which keeps the hair silky in the littlest possible extent. Washing your hair every single day will only help in changing your texture of your hair, especially when you apply no further cosmetics on it after the damning hair wash.

For others, everyday hair wash will spur the production of excessive oils by the scalp, causing your hair to become too greasy, a quality I’m not sure you would like, after all, in everything, moderation is key, since there are still many more hair creams to apply.

It happens that anytime you reduce how often your wash your hair, it actually feels cleaner for a longer period of time when you finally do wash it.


  1. Use sulfate and silicone free hair products

Sulfates were introduced into hair products in order to act as surfactants ( substances that decrease surface tension ). By decreasing surface tension of your hair, sulfates allow the active ingredients in shampoo permeate into your hair. However, reports have been received, of cases where some individuals had allergies after use of sulfate containing hair products. These allergies were mainly irritations such as itch, redness and dryness of the hair.

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No one knows if your hair will be allergic to sulfates like some people but it is safe to cease usage once the reported allergies are observed.

Silicone on the other hand, was added to help the hair retain moisture and also guard against frizzing. However its disadvantages include folliculitis, itching and burning of the scalp. Great care must be taken to avoid the purchase and use of shampoos that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate ( SLS ), in order to wash off a hair that has been contaminated with silicones. For although SLS containing shampoos may successfully cleanse the hair of silicones, it will end up extracting the naturally synthesized scalp oils which protect the scalp, thereby putting the scalp out of its natural environment, and making hairs which grow from it, hard and brittle.

In that case, silicone free shampoos that do not contain SLS provide better results in the absence of SLS.


  1. Shampoo your hair gently

Many a time, people don’t know how to wash their hair correctly using a shampoo. Ensure you do not wash harshly if you must use shampoo to wash. You may wash by putting some quantity of shampoo onto tour fingertips, and running your fingertips through your hair and scalp, slowly and gently.

Also, use anti-dandruff on your hair if there are noticeable symptoms of it.


  1. Apply conditioner onto the extremes of your hair

Hair conditioners are intended to be applied on the ends of your longest hair strands. When you make the mistake of applying it onto the roots of your hair or the head scalp itself, you risk making your hair too greasy or weighing it down. Apply it onto the extremes of your hair tips, allow for some few minutes and then rinse.

N/B: Hair conditioners are not a must every time you wash your hair, especially if you have oily hair.


  1. Wash and rinse hair using cool water only

Having hot water baths tend to damage your hair due to the heat from the water. You can do separate washing, whereby you tie up your hair and wash it separately using cool water. Cool water are also more suitable when washing off shampoo and hair conditioners from the hair because heat from hot water may reduce the effect the shampoo and conditioner may have added to your hair. Heat is known to facilitate chemical reactions.

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  1. Deep condition that hair once every other week

Deep conditioning involves the use of moisturizers and protein-based conditioners to treat the hair for deep effect. It assists in maintaining moisture in the hair and prepares the hair for further treatments that may follow deep conditioning. Deep conditioning also smoothens hair shafts which are damaged.

To achieve this deep conditioning effect, make a lather of the conditioner and apply along the length of your hair. Allow to set then wash off the lather. After washing, apply shampoo and wash the hair a second time. To get it right, you use your palm to gently rub down your hair and get the conditioner and shampoo flow down, you don’t need to scrub your hair vigorously with your palms to achieve this result.

When the conditioner is completely removed along with the shampoo, pour cold water on the hair to close all cuticles and regain the texture of your hair.


  1. Wash your hair brush regularly

Sometimes there are tufts of hair left on the brush after using it for sometime, this hair when left for long, lose their shine, and when the brush is re-used they may find their way back to tie-up themselves onto your hair; causing your hair to tangle.

Please Dear, wash your brush using warm water and shampoo, air dry it completely before re-use.


  1. Air-dry your hair

Towel-drying may cause split ends and make your hair frizzy. This is due to the materials that towels are made from.


  1. Dry shampoo are for oily hair owners

Sometime, your hair apparently become too oily due to long use of cosmetics, it happens, and at that point the use of dry shampoo’s become necessary.

Dry shampoo’s are like sprays, hold them about 12 inches close to your hair and release the sprays on the hair roots. Massage the sprays into the scalp of your head, then run a comb through the hair.

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There you go.


  1. With regards to hair brush, choose wisely

It is no brainer that this is a difficult stage for most females, the part where you hit a saloon but don’t know what hair brush to pick. Granted, ladies have different types of hairs; curls, thick, thin, name it. No brush was designed to serve all types.


Let me break it down for you, as a specialist;

  • Boar hair brushes go with thick and long hairs.
  • Nylon hair brushes detangle medium hairs.
  • Plastics are the only hair brushes close to being an all-purpose hair brush, although it particularly works best for thick hairs.
  • Wide-toothed combs go with short thick hairs.
  • Small-toothed combs combine well with short thin hairs.



There are many ways to get that Kim Kardashian lustrous hair you have always wanted. Few of the ways have been highlighted here. It is given that when these are carefully observed, you’ll have a different yet better feel of your hair, and be ready to receive the numerous complements that will follow when next you walk through the door after observing these.

The female hair is unique and if properly maintained, the woman stands out beautifully from the crowd. Be sure to take great care of your hair.

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