Top 10 Habits To Increase Your IQ Naturally


Top 10 Habits To Increase Your IQ Naturally

Here are the 10 Habits To Help You Increase Your IQ


Do you desire an increased and better IQ for yourself, your friends, family, or kids?

Here in this post, we have made a compilation of some natural ways of raising your intelligence. The human brain just like the muscles and bones develop. This is possible and achievable by the level at which we allow our brain to capture some useful information, engage in thoughtful reasoning, and also by the amount of relaxation we afford our brain and mind when it is needed.

The law of use states that a body part will keep developing provided it is being used. A body part that is left unused tends to degenerate and disappear. To a very large extent, this statement is true to how er feed our mind daily with the right information.

Do you know that some simple day to day activities and habits can influence, add up, and play a great role in our level of intelligence?


What is IQ?

This simply means “Intelligence Quotient“. Now, intelligence quotient is the ability of a human brain to proffer solutions to problems. It is the speed or rate at which the brain reacts positively to solving problems as against the average. However, this intelligence can be improved on or boosted by feeding the mind with the right information routinely.

Let’s carefully look and study the best ten habits that will help increase our IQ Naturally.

1. Keep an Open Mind

Your intelligence will rapidly accelerate when you open your mind to new ideas that fly around daily. Approach things with an open mind, even though the idea appears usual or like something you have come across before. Keeping an open mind will allow you to learn new things over and over again from the same exposure.

Take, for example, you may read a passage of a book or an article up to five times and get new ideas and lessons from that particular work. This is possible because you opened your mind to learn from the book like you never read it before. On the other hand, you may read the same piece of literature more than five times and still not get additional knowledge or something new. This is because you feel that you are familiar with the words and sentences contained in the page.


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2. Observe and Absorb Nature.

There is not one invention that ever or will exist that didn’t copy or come from naturally existing things. Think about how the aircraft was made, the sailing ships, and lots of other techniques and technology. Observing keenly your environment can trigger your intelligence. How the ants behave can be a great lesson to you when you take the time to study them. Nature Has a way of teaching us a thing or two each time we allow ourselves to be absorbed by it. Your imagination and reasoning will be broadened and this will allow you to see things that have been around you that you have never seen or believed to be that close to you.

This can greatly increase your IQ.


3. Read New Things Daily.

Reading is a mental exercise that sharpens the mind and vision for a broader perspective and enhances human behavior. Those who read are seen as people who understand the past, build in the present, and live in the future. Reading daily will accelerate how you give a solution to problems. This is true because you will be far knowledgeable and vast about a lot of things than the average people. Reading habit allows you to stay aware about so many happenings around the world, and help build your thinking capabilities such that when you talk or discuss with friends and family, your opinions and ideas will be clear cut and vehement.

The daily reading habit helps to boost your IQ. Don’t let a day pass by without reading a page or two on current events. It will greatly boost your intelligence.


4. Meditate

Meditation is a powerful exercise and or habit that when one master it, is capable of releasing ideas and deep knowledge about oneself, life, and the surrounding. This habit helps to relax the brain, build peace, calmness, and tranquility. It helps to connect the mind to endless possibilities of life. This IQ Naturally booster if rightly followed trains the mind, decongests it, and propels one’s reasoning to higher intelligence. Through meditation, you get rid of fear, worry anxiety, and focus your mind on the specific problem you wish to solve.

This is one of the best ways to naturally increase your intellect.


5. Fast From Food

Will this boost intelligence? Let’s find out.

As weird as it may sound, fasting from food is one great habit that can accelerate reasoning. Having plenty of heavy food in the stomach makes you weak and tired. Most times you feel like resting and then sleep off after taking on plenty of food.

A story was told about a professor who was busy working in his lab. His male servant brought in food for him and left. Hours later, the servant came back to find the food in the same position he kept the food. The servant then ate the food, covered the plate, and left. When the professor opened the plate, he saw the plate empty and he thought he had eaten. He went back and started working with the thought that he ate the food.

When your fast from food, you will observe that your body is aligning to your mind and at this point, you will see that your reasoning becomes higher than normal. Therefore, you must fast from food from time to time to boost your intelligence.


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6. Take in Enough Water

Water is a universal solvent. About 70% of human brains contain fluid. This means that dehydration causes brain shrinkage which can lead to memory loss. Therefore, for the brain to function rightly, it is so important that you consume the recommended volume or amount of water daily. With enough fluid in the brain and other elements present in their right proportion, the brain is sure to be at its best functioning.


7. Take Enough Rest.

All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy. Working the brain twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week is not an ideal thing to do. It will lead to a break down of the body. In as much as you need your brain to pour out solutions to problems, it is also very important to allow your brain some adequate rest when necessary. As funny as it may sound, there are some answers to problems that won’t come until you relax your brain and sleep for a good number of hours.

For your intelligence to increase correctly, you need to relax your head from stressful and draining endeavors. If you must work all day, get a soft and relaxing job or exercise to calm your brain. It helps enhance your knowledge.


8. Ask Questions

Asking questions is also a very nice and simple way to learn. You need to build that confidence. It is ideal and normal to ask questions about topics and events you are confused about. That’s what intelligent people do. Seek to find out things from friends, colleagues, tutor, or through any right available means. Asking questions and getting answers to your problems helps to increase and validate you. Assuming things will make you be on the wrong side of the things. This is because no fact is contained in assumed solutions. No wonder it is said that those who ask questions never miss their way.


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9. Take in the Right Diet at the Right Time.

Stated earlier above, eating heavy and plenty of food can reduce your IQ. However, it is therefore of great importance to eating the right kind of food at the right time. Brain food, vegetables, and the right proportion of diet work magic when it comes to IQ building. Eating fruits, and vegetables will help to boost the brain cells and supply elements and ions capable of triggering higher reasoning

This works very perfectly for infants and growing babies.


10. Exercise your Muscles

Exercise does not only build muscles and bones but also helps to stimulate the secretion of hormones that helps to accelerate human reasoning. Exercise helps to increase your excitement and motivate you to think rightly. Regular exercise helps to increase your performance and productivity. Therefore, for you to increase your always exercise.



Having known the top ten best habits to naturally increase your IQ, you must observe them rightly and consistently.

Here are some other natural ways of boosting your IQ.

1. Playing Puzzles

2. Minimizing hours spent on TV

3. Act on the things you have learned

4. Unlearn wrong habits

5. Focusing

6. Listen to rich audios and songs

7. Search and research on things

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