Top 10 Organizations That Provides Financial Support For Medical Treatment

Top 10 Organizations That Provides Financial Support For Medical Treatment
Top 10 Organizations That Provides Financial Support

For Medical Treatment.

Here in this post are the top ten organizations that supply and provide financial support for medical treatment and health care services.

Health care is very essential to the overall well being of the entire world’s population. Few organizations around the world have taken it upon themselves to provide medical assistance and financial support for the treatment of various diseases through the provision of drugs, vaccinations, immunization, and medication to treat prevalent ailments, harmful infections, and rampaging diseases caused by bacterial, fungi, virus and other pathogenic and microbial disease causal organisms. These charity organizations are the reason why polio, smallpox, malaria, and some other life-threatening diseases have been eradicated or reduced to the barest minimum.

WHO provides health fund to countries around the world from time to time and also help to support in the flushing out and educating people on how to stay healthy. Some nonprofit charitable organizations and private institutions also follow this path to ensure that the world is kept healthy all year round.



Here are the 10 Organizations That Provides Financial Support For Medical Treatment

1. Patients Advocate Foundation

2. Village Reach

3. Mothers to Mothers

4. Canadian Diabetes Association

5. African Medical and Research Foundation(AMREF)

6. PAN Foundation

7. Transparent Hands

8. Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition(GAIN)

9. Needy Hands

10. International Medical Corps


Patients Advocate Foundation

Patient Advocate Foundation is a national nonprofit charitable organization that provides support and assistance to patients by offering a legal mediation in terms of care and ensuring maintenance of employment and safeguard patients’ finances. They act as a mediator between employer and employees, debtor or creditors of the sick person through the help of doctors, case managers, and attorney.


Village Reach

Village Reach is a health support foundation founded in Seattle, Washington over two decades ago by Blaise Judja-Sato. This foundation was birthed after judja-sato encountered some difficulties in existing infrastructure aid and distribution systems in Mozambique. After his ordeal in the country of Mozambique, he founded this non-profit organization, Village Reach, whose main focus was to combat poor infrastructure and logistics.

Village reach establishes partnerships with governments, individuals, businesses, and other nonprofit organizations to improve health systems and medical logistics in remote areas by providing vaccines, drugs, treatment a d lots of other medical needs. This foundation has touched millions of lives and has recorded the success of establishing health centers in different areas around the world.


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Mothers 2 Mothers(M2M)

With the prevalent spread of HIV from mother to child during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and child weaning. This health care organization took it upon themselves to help fight, reduce, and educate mothers with the dreaded virus(HIV).

Over the years, the M2M organization has been supplying inexpensive but effective Medicare that is capable of keeping babies and their mothers healthy while weaning. This foundation is focused on reducing the high percentage of mother-to-child HIV infection to the bearest minimum or if possible, to completely eradicate the virus. They also assist health centers with understaffing, especially within Sub-Saharan Africa. They mentor infected mothers to live above fear and the stigma of the virus.


Canadian Diabetes Association

The Canadian diabetes association as the name suggests is an organization that provides medical support to people who are suffering from these ailments within the country. They organize programs to educate people living with diabetes, help in fundraising and support, and also mediate for those with the ailments. They supply relief materials, medications, and offers fitness and recreational activities for patients.


African Medical and Research Foundation(AMREF)

African medical and research foundation, AMREF was founded over 6 decades ago, precisely in 1957, by three surgeons. Then, it was known as the flying doctor’s service of East Africa, but it is today known as AMREF.

They focus on treating mothers and children. They help to treat and prevent cervical cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, ensure proper sanitation, and help to curb childhood sickness. They believe that if mothers and children are taken care of health-wise, then the world will be safer and better.


PAN Foundation (Patient Access Network Foundation)

The patient access network foundation known as PAN foundation is a health care organization that supply financial help and assistance on over forty specific types of diseases to patients who are in need and are underinsured.

This medical support foundation has over the years provided financial support to about a million patients. An amount worth over 2 billion dollars($2b). They also provide treatments, vaccines, medications, and offer medical therapy to those in need.


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Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands is a trust fund medical care organization that renders help to patients by their heavy crowd fundraising strategy. They provide medical treatments and surgeries on those suffering from one ailment or the other. They achieve their aim by soliciting assistance from charitable fellows who are ready to support and help those who are sick out of their beds. They display their list of patients in need of treatment and surgeries and prospective donors choose from the list any of the patients to provide financial help to. Once this is achieved, they provide a list of all expenditures made while treating the patient(s) to the donor as proof of transparency.


Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

The global alliance for improving nutrition, Gain is born out of love to bridge the gap between the world’s malnutrition. The gain was founded in the year 2002 by the UN to provide the missing diets and or nutrition for children and communities to ensure a healthy state and well-being of the world at large. This organization partner with governments, public, private and other benefactors to supply well improved and nutritious diets to children and mothers who require proper nutrition. They have covered over forty countries and have touched with over seven hundred million(700,000,000) people over the world through the partnership with other charity organizations.


Needy Med

Needy med is a health care organization that helps patients, health care workers, family, and friends to gain access to financial support over a diagnosed health problem or issue. They can achieve this through their website. They share health tips and broadcast companies and organizations that are running free or inexpensive medical treatments. Needy hands also provide useful health information on the discount of treatment surgeries and drugs.


International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps is a health care, nonprofit foundation established by doctors and nurses who out of love volunteered to offer humanitarian duty to people who are in distress and sick to save lives, educate, train, and relieve patients from suffering. This non-political and voluntary organization is focused on providing both financial and medical support to rural and remote locations.


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The top 10 Organizations That Provides Financial Support For Medical Treatment captured in this post are not the only organizations or foundation that offers free medical treatment to sick people. They are lots of them whose aim and focus are to ensure that life-threatening sicknesses and diseases and kicked out of the world. These organizations target people living in primitive and underdeveloped communities. They supply medical services, relief materials, training, and education where the need arises.

This kind actions carried out by these nonprofit institutions has been of great importance and has earnestly helped in eradicating most bacteria infections around the world. Disease like smallpox, measles, polio, tuberculosis, chickenpox, malaria, and lots of other diseases that rampaged the world.

Here are some of the organizations that provide financial support for medical treatment

1. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologist Prescription Savings Directory (AACE Prescription Savings Directory)

2. Patients Service Incorporated

3. The Health well foundation

4. United Healthcare children’s foundation

5. Partners in health

6. American life fund

7. Air care alliance

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