Top 12 Foods That Can Mar Your Weight Loss Goals

Top 12 Foods That Can Mar Your Weight Loss Goals

Top 12 Foods That Can Mar Your Weight Loss Goals

Are you trying to lose weight to no avail? You might want to take a moment and look at what you have been eating. You may have been consuming more calories than you are burning.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 foods that can mar your weight loss goals. As long as you keep eating these kinds of foods, you will find it very difficult to shed those extra pounds from your body.

Are you searching for foods to avoid to lose weight fast? The information you will find in this guide will be of utmost help to you. Keep reading!

Why am I not losing weight fast?

I have heard this question being asked over and over by people who have done almost everything they’ve been told to do to lose weight.

They exercise morning, afternoon, and night. Almost every time. Yet with very little or no result to show for it.

The truth is, a whole lot of things can be the reason you are finding it difficult to lose weight. For instance, it could be that you have a medical condition. Certain medical conditions can interfere with your weight loss goals. Instead of losing, you find yourself gaining even more weight.

Another thing that could lead to that also is a lack of proper exercise. Not that you are not exercising at all. It could be that you are not exercising right. If that is the case, you would need some help learning how to do that. If you can employ the services of an expert (a fitness expert), the better.

However, the most common reason you may not have been losing weight fast is your diet. What you eat, how you eat it, and when you eat it.

There are several kinds of foods out there that if you keep on eating them, you may never get your desired shape anytime soon. Such foods that interfere with weight loss goals are what we will be discussing in this article. So if you have been searching for foods to avoid when trying to lose weight, this is the right page for you to check.

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12 Foods You must Avoid To Lose Weight Fast

If you want to shed some real weight fast, then consider avoiding or minimizing your intake of the foods listed below.

  1. Sugary Drinks

Trying to lose weight while still holding on tightly to sugar-sweetened drinks, is an effort in futility. You will waste your precious time, energy, and resources for nothing.

Do you know that sugary drinks contain a whole lot of calories? Yet with all that calories, your body doesn’t recognize them as foods.

That is why no matter how much sugary drinks you consume in a day, you will still feel like eating. Thereby increasing your chances of gaining even more weight. Apart from that, regular consumption of sugary drinks exposes you to the risk of developing other medical conditions. For example, diabetes.

  1. Alcohol

Consuming alcohol in moderation may not cause you to gain weight. But how many persons consume just the right amount of alcohol to stay healthy and fit?

Alcoholic drinks (especially beer) contain a whole lot of calories that may take your body some time to burn. According to reports, even those who are not heavy drinkers consume at least 2000 extra calories a month. Now, imagine consuming all that while trying to lose weight.

  1. Baked Foods

Baked foods have a way of creating hunger in you. Since they are not filling themselves, no matter how much of them you eat, you will always feel like eating more.

Also, baked foods like cake and cookies contain a high level of sugar (fructose) and trans fats. Both of which can be traced to obesity and other health challenges.

While trying to lose weight, you must make up your mind to completely avoid these foods or greatly minimize your intake of them.

  1. White Rice

According to the results of a study that was conducted using 415 Iranian female adolescents, there is a very significant association between white rice consumption and obesity.

Though white is quite low in fat and has traceable amounts of fiber and protein, it also has a glycemic index. What that simply means, is that it can cause your blood sugar level to rise.

Instead of White rice, you can go for other alternatives like brown rice. According to previous studies, brown rice contains a decent amount of protein and fiber. Enough to keep you full for a long time.

  1. Sugar-sweetened Yoghurt
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Some types of yogurt-like Greek Yoghurt can be taken without any challenge. They do contain protein and help in the digestion of foods, due to the bacterial cultures present in them.

However, another sugar-sweetened yogurt contains added sugars which play a part in weight gain. So before taking a particular type of yogurt, try making out time to go through the ingredients. If you are trying to lose weight fast, it is best to avoid the sugar-sweetened type. Else all your efforts will take a very long time to show. That is if it does show at all.

  1. Fruit Juices

Most of the bottled fruit juices sold out there are not worth taking if your goal is to lose weight. Most of them are just “sugary-drinks plus colors”. They have no real benefits to you.

Instead of filling you up, they create in you the hunger to eat more. Thereby helping you consume more calories in addition to theirs.

Though there is nothing wrong with taking fruit juices once in a while. However, before you do, go through the nutrition label and check the sugar level in it.

  1. Potato Chips

Fried potato may be one of those meals you wouldn’t mind taking over and over. But have you noticed it doesn’t curb your hunger for food?

You will also have this low level of satiation no matter how much of them you eat. That is why after eating potato chips, the hunger to eat other foods will still be there.

Regular consumption of potato chips can be fatal to your weight loss goals. Since its one of the ways, you can go high on the calories real quick.

  1. Processed Meat

Processed and unprocessed red meat plays a major part in weight gain according to a 2016 study published in the American Journal of Public Health. According to the report, a noticeable amount of weight gain was discovered over 4 years in women who consumed red meat more than those who didn’t.

  1. Whole Milk

Do you know whole milk contains extra fat and cholesterol, both of which are known to play a part in making you gain weight?

If you must shed those extra pounds you don’t want from your body, you should minimize or avoid whole milk entirely. A better alternative to take is the skimmed variety. With that, you can rest assured that you are eating something healthy. It is more filling and lower in calories than whole milk.

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So if you are wondering why you have not been losing weight fast, it could probably be as a result of the impact of whole milk on your body.

  1. Salads

Eating salads is not the challenge here. The issue is with most of the things that make up the dressings, the Mayonnaise that is high in fat, and so on.

Regular consumption of all these can result in a very significant weight gain. If you desire to burn some fats real quick, you will have to control how you eat these things.

  1. White Bread

The reason white bread is among the foods that can mar your weight loss goals is that it has lots of added sugars. As a result of the ingredients, regular consumption of this can cause a spike in the blood sugar levels.

Instead of white bread, you can go for other alternatives such as almond flour bread, cornbread, wheat bread, and oopsie bread. They will help you a lot when you are working on losing weight.

  1. Ice Cream

There is nothing wrong with making ice cream once in a while. It’s so delicious that many people will not just stop at taking just a cup or less a day. That’s where the problem comes.

Ice cream is usually loaded with sugars and is high in calories. The more of it you take, the more calories and sugars you consume.

For someone who is trying to lose weight, a regular intake of ice cream can mar that goal real quick. This is why you need to control how much of it you take regularly.

In Conclusion

We have in this article discussed the top 12 foods that can mar your weight loss goals. These are foods you should avoid if you want to lose weight fast or start or start seeing the results of your numerous exercises.

I hope you find this article useful.

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