Top 14 Pregnancy Myths And The Truths About Them

Top 14 Pregnancy Myths And The Truths About Them

Top 14 Pregnancy Myths And The Truths About Them

Have you ever been told that having sex will hurt your baby during pregnancy? Well, here are other pregnancy myths we’ve heard and the truths about them.

Some of these misconceptions are quite funny. Just learning that people strongly believe some of these things without any medical proof is quite interesting. Let’s go on to see a few of them below.

14 Pregnancy Myths That Has Been Debunked By Doctors

So many misconceptions exist around pregnancy. Here are just a few of them.

  • You Can Tell The Sex Of The Baby By The Movement

This is just a myth. The movement of a baby does not in any way determine the gender of that child. There’s really not a single natural way to tell if a baby is going to be a boy or a girl.

Some babies (both genders) are more active than others when they are still in the womb. Some seem to kick more than the others. It doesn’t make the child a male or female . Both genders kick quite well. It all depends on the baby in question.

That your baby is very active while you are pregnant doesn’t make it a boy. It could be a girl. Girls move exactly the same way too.

If you need to know the true sex of your baby, go for ultrasound and there you will learn of it.

  • You Can Tell The Exact Date Of Your Delivery

This is not true. The only person that can tell when your baby will be out, as in the exact date, is the baby itself. Not you, your old grandmother or anyone else.

Even the date given to you by doctors in the hospital are given with the expectation that you would give birth within two weeks to that date and two weeks after that date.

So don’t panic if your pregnancy ever crosses the date you were given at the hospital. As long as you have checked with your doctor and he says everything is fine with you then feel fine. Let nothing bother you at all.

Never forget, only your baby can tell when it is the right time for it to come out. And when it is, you wouldn’t need anybody to tell you. You will definitely know.

  • Having Sex While Pregnant Will Hurt Your Baby

This is also one of those popular misconceptions about pregnancy and sex. Your baby is well protected by an amniotic sac. This sac contains a liquid known as the amniotic fluid and a membrane (amnion) that help keep the baby safe from injury.

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That simply means your baby is not only safe from being harmed during sex, he is also safe from lots of other things that you may be worried about. The only thing there is to go with whatever sex position that feels OK for you. You can search on Google for sex positions during pregnancy and go with whatever is comfortable with you.

However, if you do experience serious complications during pregnancy, it would be a great idea to check with your doctor if you should have sex or not.


  • Exercising Daily Can Hurt Your Baby During Pregnancy

This is similar to what people believe about pregnancy sex. Exercising daily while pregnant actually helps your child. It doesn’t hurt him. As a matter of fact, avoiding exercise completely during pregnancy is both bad for you and your unborn child.

While in the womb, your baby is well protected by an amniotic sac. This is what keeps him safe till the day you will finally deliver him. There is no amount of exercise that will hurt him, unless you have issues with your pregnancy in the first place.

  • You Need To Eat Twice As Much During pregnancy

Most people believe pregnant mothers need to eat double of the normal size of food they eat per day. This is just a myth. You don’t need to eat so much more simply because you are pregnant. As a matter of fact you only need to eat about 200 calories on top of the normal amount you consume per day.

Eating a lot more than extra 200 calories everyday while pregnant, may even cause you heartburn and other health challenges. Especially if you normally eat very late in the night.

  • A Little Glass Of Alcohol Is Safe For The Baby

This is also not true. If there’s anything to avoid completely while you are pregnant, it is alcohol. From the first trimester to the last, there is never a safe time to consume any amount o alcohol.

Completely avoiding it during pregnancy and while breast-feeding will keep both you and your baby safe.

  • Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Take Flights

Some persons actually believe pregnant women shouldn’t take flights when traveling. They should travel on the road via a bus or car. In order to keep their babies safe.

This is not true. You can travel by whatever means you want during pregnancy. It doesn’t change anything. You only need to check with your doctor before traveling, whether by road, air or water. None is safer for you than the other.

  • You Should Only Sleep On Your Left Side When Pregnant
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This is also a myth. You can sleep on any of your sides, right or left. As long as it feels comfortable. If you experience any form of pain on any side, then you switch position.

If you need more ideas on the positions to sleep during pregnancy, you can Google best sleep positions for pregnant people. Try as many of them as you want and go with the ones you are most comfortable with.

Do not let anyone make you sleep only on one side of your body just because you are afraid of hurting your baby. Your baby is well protected and safe regardless of your sleeping position.

  • All Pregnant Women Must Have Strange Cravings

This is so untrue. There are several women out there who has never craved for any type of food in particular during pregnancy. Everything about them feel very normal.

While it is true that cravings do occur during pregnancy, it doesn’t happen to everyone. The type of things people crave for also varies.

Severe cravings for things like clay, detergents and other unhealthy things people crave for occasionally, may be a sign of other medical conditions. You would need to see a doctor to take a look at you and know what exactly is going on with you.

  • Women Who Are Pregnant Should Avoid Going Close To Their Cats

This is one of the most popular myths out there. It is believed that going close to cats or petting them would either harm the pregnant woman or her baby. There is no scientific proof to this. It is just a myth.

Whether you go close to a cat or dog or even pet them, it doesn’t change anything. As long as the cat is healthy, there is actually nothing wrong with petting it.

  • Pregnant Women Should Glow And Be Happy At All Times

The truth is, pregnancy comes with a lot of stress that can affect your mood. The thoughts of the pregnancy itself, childbirth, parenthood etc, are enough to cause you mood swings.

You will not always glow and be as happy as you would want, this is normal and quite understandable. However, if you are too anxious about anything during pregnancy, consider talking to your doctor or midwife about it.

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This is what you often hear whenever a pregnant woman complain of stomach ache or heartburn. People around normally say it is a sign that the child will have much hairs or is growing hairs.

As far as we know, hair growth on the baby does not cause any form of discomfort to the mother or the child. Just like the growth of every other part of his body.

There are several things that are known to cause heartburn’s e.g. eating late and certain types of foods. Hair growth on your baby is not one of them.

  • The Type of Cravings You Have Can Determine The Gender Of Your Child

Some persons believe if a woman crave for sweet or sugary things during pregnancy, she will have a girl child. If she crave for salty or hot foods,she will have a boy. Nothing can be more superstitious!

According to science, none of those things can determine the gender of a baby. Women crave for both salty and sugary things during pregnancy. However, it has absolutely nothing to do with the gender of the baby. Besides, cravings do not happen to every woman that is pregnant, just some of them.

  • Spicy Foods Can Hurt The Baby’s Eyes

I have heard old mothers warn young pregnant women to avoid spices like pepper in order not to hurt the baby. According to these old wives tales, spicy foods can cause the unborn child many things including blindness.

That is so untrue. Spices do not hurt the baby in any way neither do they lead to miscarriages. Though they can cause heartburn to the pregnant woman herself, her baby is completely safe from it.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the pregnancy myths that goes around from generation to generation. Old wives fables, that’s all they are.

Which of these myths have you ever heard? Let us know in the comment section below.

I hope you find this article useful.

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