Vaginal Infections: Types, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

vaginal infections: types, causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Vaginal Infections: Types, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Vaginal infections fall among the medical conditions that affect a very large number of women all over the world. According to reports, nearly every woman experiences at least one type of vaginal infections in her lifetime.

Also known as Vaginitis, these infections are known to be caused by lots of things as we will see in this article.

Are you searching for the causes of vaginitis, the symptoms and how to prevent them? On this webpage, we will take a look at the various types of vaginal infections that affects women of all age brackets. We will also discuss their causes, symptoms and practical steps to prevent them. Continue reading!

The vagina is one of the most important organs of the female body. Hence adequate care must be taken to keep it healthy and sound at all times.

The healthier a woman is down there, the happier life she tends to live. Free from worries, depression and low self esteem. If she has problems with that part of her body, reverse is often the case.

Vaginal Infections: Types, Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

What Causes Vaginal Infections?

What are the things that can possibly be the causes of vaginal infection?

You wonder. (The answer lies below)

A whole lot of things are known to cause inflammations or problems in the vagina which lead to the symptoms of infections commonly reported in that region.

Though when that happens, people immediately suspect one disease or the other that is often transmitted through sex to be the cause. But the truth is that STIs are not the only causes of vaginal infections.

There are other causes of vaginitis which includes the use of soaps and detergents, contraceptives, antibiotics, douches, sexual activity and even vaginal creams (medications).

Ladies who always wear tight pants and underwear’s that hardly allow the passage of air are also at the risk of developing symptoms of vaginal infections.

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Types of Vaginal Infections And Their Symptoms

Knowing the kind of vaginitis you are facing and their symptoms is one of the things that can help you get proper medication fast.

Though there are different types of vaginal infections out there, we will talk about the ones that are most common below.

  1. Bacteria Vaginosis

The symptoms of this particular infection includes: a burning sensation after urination, a strong fishy odour and whitish or greenish thin discharge.

It is important to mention that Bacteria Vaginosis doesn’t itch. That is one way to differentiate it from the rest below.

  1. Candidiasis (Yeast Infections)

The symptoms of candidiasis includes: Pains during intercourse and urination, itching and a thick gray or whitish discharge.

This type of infection does not cause any odour and if it does, it won’t be that noticeable. You may also discover that you have all the symptoms of a yeast infection except for the discharge. That is because the infection does not always cause discharges.

  1. Chlamydia

Chlamydia are known to share similar symptoms with the aforementioned vaginal infections and require proper diagnosis before being treated.

Some of the signs of chlamydia you may notice includes: pain in the abdomen that is accompanied by fever, whitish discharge, pain during intercourse, periods and urination.

  1. Trichomoniasis

This is one sexually transmitted infection that you can hardly know you have it. The reason is simple -it does not have any specific symptom.

People with this infection may experience any of the symptoms associated with other types of infections or may not even experience any sign at all. The organism responsible for this is known to hide anywhere in the vagina (the urethra in the penis) and can be transmitted by mere contact, even without sexual intercourse. A good reason to be very watchful and stay away of unprotected sex.

How To Prevent Vaginitis

  • Practice safe sex. This includes the use of condoms and other means to protect yourself.
  • Avoid wearing underwears that are too tight always.
  • Maintain good hygiene down there.
  • Avoid spraying perfumes directly on the vagina.
  • Watch the kind of soaps you use to wash down there.
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Wrapping It Up

In this article we have explained all you need to know about vaginitis (vaginal infections). Their causes, symptoms and preventive measures.

Are you searching for any information concerning the vagina and infections?

I hope you find this article useful.

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