Water Fasting: Before and After Experience, and Why You Should Try it


Water Fasting: Before and After Experience, and Why You Should Try it

Water Fasting: Before and After Experience, and Why You Should Try it

You wouldn’t believe me.

Water fasting is  a top-notch experience I won’t think twice before doing again. I’ll definitely do it again. And before I tell you why I decided to reveal you the secret behind water fasting today I’m glad to say I had a marvelous self-experience.

I already went through couple of researches to confirm this thing. But I decided to experiment it, myself. Fasting, though sounds stressful, but I can categorically insist that it’s awesome. Because of what I have seen. I don’t say you should try water fasting. All I’m saying is you also can, and with today’s article, I already highlighted why you should consider it. Although, not everyone can or should try it, but testimonies have gone viral about these wonders behind before and after water fasting, for those who can still fast.


What Exactly is Water Fasting?

Just as the word tells, it means “fasting with water”. Simple.

Black coffee, teas that are herbal, drinks free of calories, and supplements aren’t certainly elements of water fasting. But only just water.

In case this appears difficult, from my own discovery, water fasting is more convenient than other form of fasting. Because the results are much more very deep. Some however call this type of fasting “block fasting” or “long-term fasting” too.

Although, fasting varies in duration between 24-72 hours. This could be seen as safe for most individuals. In fact, the fast can be elongated as long as four, six, ten, or even forty days.


What Actually Inspired Me to Fast on Water?

Generally, fasting as you know is a practice that has been since evolution. Ancient human beings, as far back as millions of years ago wasn’t as sophisticated with cooking tools as of today.

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Thus, many times, what they’ll eat might not be provided, and they’d result into fasting. Throughout history, a lot of people have fasted by default when access to food was limited or during travel when food was unavailable.

These days, going out without taking breakfast seems normal to some people. Perhaps, the idea of eating 4-6 times a day would seem equally absurd, as I’ve seen in history. In fact, the contemporary notion of “six small food intake per day” appears as incredible to even the richest in the world until recently, as it just wasn’t a choice to choose from.

Therefore, getting into this game to break the rule starved me. If I choose to experiment what could be of health benefit to my readers in this sphere too, it wouldn’t be bad. This is why I went for it.


The Benefits of Water Fasting

Hands down, I went through medical journals just to catch the fun. Yes. I’m weird to such an extent, as long as I know I’ll be informed on its details and benefits before I embark on this Water Fasting. Below were my benefiting discoveries that provingly happened to me.


Water Fasting Creates Autophagy in the Body

Autophagy is simply a self-eating process. This process influences your body to recycle old parts to create new parts. Another study recognizes Autophagy to play the role of housekeeping to remove wrongly folded or aggregated proteins, clear affected organelles (such as mitochondria), endoplasmic reticulum and peroxisomes, as well as take away intracellular pathogens.

I realized that this process makes the body regenerate and detoxify itself. High intensity exercise and fasting both influences autophagy. And as a result to enhancing your body system.

Anabolic Fasting might be known with  benefits, though, but the most impressive results seem to come from longer term of fasting.

Certain results revealed how autophagy can decrease the risk of heart disease, alzheimers, and cancer. Other studies show that autophagy also increases longevity and as well reduces every causes of mortality.

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Lower age-induced inflammation in the body

Medical studies have shown how pro-inflammatory cytokines and inflammation could be reduced by water fasting. To be specific, scientists in School of Medicine, Yale, realized that a compound named Studies show that fasting reduces in the body. Specifically, researchers at Yale School of Medicine found that a compound called hydroxybutyrate (BHB) contains NLRP3.

Meanwhile, NLRP3 is just a unit amidst a set of proteins named the ‘inflammasome’ which drives the inflammatory response in many disorders of which autoimmune diseases are part. Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and other auto-inflammatory disorders are dealt with, as a result.


Water Fasting Reduces Cancer & Heart Disease Risk

Certain researches as well shows a connection between reduced cancer risk and fasting. Although, this is possible because of two factors explained already: reduced oxidative damage/inflammation and increased autophagy.

Do you know that water fasting can halt or even slow down the growth of tumors? Yes.

In fact, it enhances the effects of chemotherapy and also bring its side effects. This gives it potential benefits when mixed with general cancer treatments.

Meanwhile,  another research discovered  how water fasting will guard the heart against problems from free radicals.


Water Fasting Boosts the Immune System

I realized that a study in 2014 found how water fasting for a duration of 72 hours could regenerate humans’ immune system. As reported, fasting “flips a regenerative switch” and influences stem cells to regenerate fresh white blood cells.

Dr. Valter Longo, Professor of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at the University of California and author of “The Longevity Diet” once made mention, that:

“It gives the ‘OK’ for stem cells to go ahead and begin proliferating and rebuild the entire system”.

As you can see, this studies paint fasting as a must-do activity for those with immune problems, those undergoing chemo, and for all of us as we age, since immune function declines with age.

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Water Fasting Improves the Brain Function

During your course of fasting, your body changes from burning glucose to burning fat. In place of glucose, the brain utilizes ketones for fuel. Ketones is generally and medically known for  more efficient fuel for the brain. Owing to this fact, fasting is known with increased mental clarity, focus and concentration.


What Kind of Water Should be Used During Fasting?

Water is the only thing taken as meal during this activity. As a result, it’ll be something of importance to have high quality type of water on ground.

We recommend a clean, particle free and germs free water.

In terms of quality too, electrolyte depletion is one of the bigger risks of fasting (see the others below) so I mixed with my water some high quality Himalayan salt every single day. This is supposed to help with the headaches and tiredness.

In terms of quantity, taking much water can result in problems. Just as can not drinking enough isn’t sounding wise enough.

Sources vary on the exact amount but it ranges  I often took between 2-4 quarts a day when I was thirsty.

I also added a pinch of salt to a couple glasses each day.



My experience with water fasting was amazing. I felt five times healthier when I resumed my normal diet. Hands down, the first couple of days was hell. Yea! But for more mental enhancements and more of these benefits, I’ll do more, on few weeks time.

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