Water Therapy: Natural Way to Cure Many Sicknesses.

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Water Therapy: Natural Way to Cure Many Sicknesses.

The radiator (vessel containing water) of a car or an engine will heat up and burn down, or may not function correctly when the watermark drops below the minimum level. This exactly is the case with the human system and chemistry of the body. Water is life. Water is a universal solvent. It occupies about 70% of the earth’s total space.

The correct and consistent intake of water into the body works magically in setting and dissolving metabolic build-ups. Water is the only liquid that can satisfy your thirst completely. It is possible to fast from food for days weeks or even a month, but it’s not so easy but drinking water for a couple of days. It may be a bit easy for some persons to stay for days without drinking while it is suicidal for others.

The health benefits of water and water therapy has a very helpful therapeutical effect on a lot of health cases and disorder. The importance ranges from renal problems, sore throat, allergies, headaches, and human overall well-being. Therefore, it is ideal medically for the human water reservoir to be at its best level, to enhance metabolism, temperature, and to eliminate health problems related to insufficient water intake.

Water content in our body is said to be about three-quarters of the body composition. It is therefore no doubt that it plays a very significant role in our body system. No wonder losing some percentage of it can be very dangerous compared to losing the same percentage of blood.


What is water therapy?

The ancient country of Japan is consistent in following the water therapy procedure. According to the Japanese, water therapy is said to be an old Ayurvedic medicine, which has helped them live longer and healthier with immunity against certain sicknesses and diseases.

Water therapy is the correct and consistent intake of water, at the right time, in the right manner and the correct recommended quantity, or volume to dissolve metabolic build-up, rehydrate, restore, replenish rejuvenate and refresh your overall health.

Adhering to the water therapy procedure may be difficult following or coping with consistently, especially at the very early stage but once it becomes used to you, it forms part of your daily activities.

Water therapy involves an intake of one and a half-liter of drinkable water early in the morning around 4-5(depending on your body weight), drinking a reasonable quantity of water during the day at a prescribed interval of hours, and some habitual practices of consuming water before and after a meal or brushing your teeth in the morning and at night.

If these processes are adhered to correctly, it goes a long way in getting rid of migraines, eliminate allergies, keeps your body hydrated, improve your metabolic process, and enhance other health activities.

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We lose a reasonable amount of liquid from the pores of our skin, whenever we work and sweat. Ideally, the lost water is replenished by drinking some water, to stabilize our temperature, feel refreshed, and get energized. According to the research carried out by a group of scientists from the United Kingdom, sweating for an hour and a half without taking some amount of water to replenish the lost liquid can reduce the volume of the brain and also accelerate aging and Alzheimer’s disease.

The dehydration in the body also leads to shrinkage of the brain, since the human brain contains 77% liquid and 70% white matter, and 80% grey matter. The low level of water in the body which leads to the shrinkage of the brain is the major cause of migraines/headache as a result of the stress on the brain.


Things You Should Know About Water Therapy.

Here are some highlights you should know about water therapy, and also how the Japanese have successfully achieved great natural treatment from it over the years.

1. When you are on the water therapeutical course, it is an ideal thing to consume the morning water on an empty stomach.

2. According to water therapy, you are to start the morning process by drinking lots of water.

3. Drinking lots of water in the morning after the bed is usually not something very easy for starters. Therefore, you should take a glass of water at a time within 2 minutes, until you become used to it.

4. The water therapy procedure help to start-up the metabolic process.

5. When on the water therapy, avoid eating your meal and consuming liquid while standing to help metabolism.

6. Take a solution to water several times every night before you retire to bed.

7. After eating an oily meal, take in warm or lukewarm water to avoid oil clogging in your system, as cold water mixed with oil causes clogging.


How To Observe The Water Therapy Procedure

Some scientists from Germany researched the Clinical Research Center of Fraz Volgard and the Humboldt University of Berlin in the year 2003 and discovered that two glass of clean cold water taken in an empty stomach will help speed up metabolism by 30% alongside other factors. This act helps to speed up food digestion efficiently and faster which helps to gut down weight.

Consuming at least 1000ml of water daily will help accelerate body energy consumption by an approximate value of 200kilojoules which when compared to physical exercise will involve 5 minutes of an active sport of soccer.

• Have a good night’s rest and wake up in the morning at 5 with a clear mind.

• At 5 in the morning before you brush your teeth, take 60cl or 0.6lt of water immediately you wake up from bed, to flush in some useful enzymes that will help the metabolic process. Ensure the water is taken slowly, sip by sip.

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• Proceed to brush your teeth.

• Once you are done brushing your teeth, ensure you don’t take or drink anything for at least 30 minutes. Since toothpaste contains fluoride, consuming anything after brushing your teeth will flush in the fluoride which disrupts some enzymatic reactions.

• Have your breakfast after an hour of brushing.

• Once you have had your breakfast, ensure you do not eat anything for at least an hour.

• Take your water after the first one at 8 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm and so on.

• For a great result, ensure the process is continued for a long period like, month or thereabouts.



What is The Right Way to Drink?

You may ask, is there a right way to drink water? Yes. There is. Read along and discover the right way to drink. Vagbhata, an influential classical writer of Ayurvedic medicine says that drinking water the correct way is capable of saving one from more than a hundred diseases. Popular Dr. Batman, who had cured lots of different diseases with the correct administration of water to patients also proved that water therapy is highly effective. Therefore drinking the right way will keep you healthy and make you stay away from the doctor.

1. As stated earlier, drink water an hour after a meal. This will help to dissolve the active enzymes that will help indigestion. Drinking while eating will allow the food improper digestion that will lead to constipation as the food will no longer have many active enzymes to act on it. If you must drink while eating, do so by taking a sip of water at a time.

2. When drinking, ensure you are in a sitting position as standing while drinking disrupts digestion.

3. The right and correct way to drink before a meal should be an hour or half an hour.

4. Drink slowly, by sipping. This helps to allow enough mixture of saliva into the stomach will help to stabilize the pH level. Drinking water in a haste won’t allow the mixture of saliva into the stomach and this will lead to stomach acidity.

5. Drink water from a clean source and with a clean glass, as impure, dirty, or contaminated water will cause more harm than good.


Benefits of Water Therapy

The benefits of water therapy are encore. Its advantages are numerous. Japanese water therapy has been a model over the years.

Here, I will discuss the many benefits of water therapy.

1. Eliminates Constipation.

Water therapy when adhered to correctly and regularly prepares the stomach for food intake. It allows the breakdown and digestion of consumed food. It also allows the food to pass through the gastrointestinal tract properly with prevents constipation and bloating. It clears the intestinal track and eases food breakdown.

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2. Rehydrate The body.

Dehydration is the loss of water from the body. It is sometimes the complex symptoms of may diseases that are oftentimes wrongly diagnosed by doctors as unrelated ailments. Water therapy rehydrates you and eliminates the chances of migraines, irregular menstrual cycle, sinusitis, asthma, hypertension, kidney stone, skin cracks, rheumatoid arthritis, and others.

Regular abs consistent consumption of water helps to refresh, replenish, re-energize, and rejuvenate the body system and ensure that the body doesn’t suffer for dehydration.


3. It detoxifies the body.

Consistent water therapeutical practices help to detoxify and cleanse your system. The detoxifying effect of water is amazing. It flushes off toxins from the skin pores, urine, and other liquid outlets in the body, and maintains the pH balance of the body. Proper water therapy cleanses the skin from blemish, pimples, and acne. It dilutes toxins and helps the kidney to accelerate the process.


4. Treats urinary infections.

Consumption of water after waking in the morning helps to treat and cure urinary and gastritis infections. Taking plenty of water regularly every morning will flush off this urinary infection.


5. Remedy for Appetite and ulcer.

Regular and consistent water therapy will regulate your appetite for food and control or prevent ulcer


6. Enhances weight lose

Correct and consistent water therapy will regulate your appetite. Once your stomach is filled with water you will no longer have an appetite for much food. Effective water therapy helps you meet your body water requirements, thus regulating yours overeating. If helps in cell regeneration and muscle growth which heat your body system and promote weight loss.


7. Promotes healthy skin.

Good water therapy helps to clean the intestines from leftover foods on the intestinal walls. Dirt that have been trapped in the skin pores will be flushed off through proper water intake.


Demerits of excessive water consumption.

The demerits of water intake are not something so huge compared to the benefits.

Too much water intake causes frequent urination. Though you can control and manage it. It also causes swelling of the feet especially when you don’t exercise of sweat.



The usefulness and benefits of water are not something you can undermine. Drink water in the right way and the right volume and you won’t have to visit the doctor for a long time. The consistent water therapy procedure will live you a healthy person daily.

Thanks for reading.

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