Top Reasons Why Garlic Should Not Be Missing In Your Diet


top Reasons why garlic should not be missing in your diet

Top Reasons Why Garlic Should Not Be Missing In

Your Diet

There are many plants on earth that are highly essential in your daily diets and garlic comes out to be one of them. It is one of those plants that belong to the onion family which can be found in several parts of the world. I believe you already know that it is used in the kitchen to make your diets tasty and delicious but do you know how beneficial garlic can be for your health? Well leave your answer for the comment section as we will be taking you on;


Why Garlic should not be missing in your diets.

•It reduces this risk of high blood pressure: High blood pressure is a very common health problem in Africa especially in Adults today. It is popularly known as a silent killer because of it’s ability to take life without showing any sign and symptom. In case you have a high blood pressure or you know people around you facing same issues – just advise them to always include garlic in there diet.

Why? Because a recent study showed that taking 600 – 1500 milligrams of aged garlic is as effective as taking the drug Atenolol which is also a cure for high blood pressure. But for more effective result you should take foods that are excessively rich in garlic because that is what is recommended. Meanwhile for preventive purpose, it should be added to your diet always but not excessively like people diagnosed with high blood pressure.

•It Has High Nutritional Value With Relatively Low Calories: Well calories is essential for the body but when it becomes excess, it becomes a problem. So just be happy it has relatively low amount of calorie but it is rich in other nutrients including; 2% of manganese which just it’s daily value, 2% of Vitamin B6 which also it’s daily value, 1% of Selenium, 0.06 grams of fiber, 1 gram of carbs, 0.2 gram of protein, 4.5 calories, and sensible amount of other nutrients like phosphorus, copper, Iron, Vitamin B1, potassium, and calcium.

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There have been traces of other valuable nutrients that are essential for your body system. So tell me why it should be missing in your diet.

It Reduces The Risk Of Heart Failure: Heart Failure is just another deadly disease in the world today and also known as a slow killer but garlic has been said to improve the level of cholesterol in the body system. Where HDL cholesterol is known to reduce the risk of heart failure but it important you know that there two categories of cholesterol – We have the LDL cholesterol and the HDL cholesterol. The LDL is an acronym for low density lipoprotein which is often referred to as the bad cholesterol while the HDL means high density lipoprotein which is also referred to as the good cholesterol.

Now garlic has been said to lower the level LDL cholesterol in the body by about 10 to 15%. Therefore is advisable you always include it in your diet.

It Can Improve Your Athletic Performance: Are you an athlete, a laborer, and hard worker, a sport coach but you are always feeling weak and tired at that moment you need energy most. Then here is the good news – garlic has been known to be another remedy for you as several studies has proven this to be true. In the ancient times, garlic was used traditionally to improve the work output of laborers and also to kill fatigues.

Another study in ancient Greece showed that Garlic where usually given to their Olympic athletes. Therefore in summary, it is mostly effective for exercise induced fatigue and tiredness. So you should remember to always include it in your diet to supplement your every hustle and bustle.

It can detoxify heavy metals in the body: When heavy metals becomes too much in the body system, it becomes poisonous leading headache and increased blood pressure. Considering the rate at which we eat processed foods and our daily exposure to sunlight. Therefore adding garlic in our diet can reduce this risk of getting affected with heavy metal poison. This is because of the sulfur presence in garlic, meanwhile other studies have this in record.

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A four weeks research carried out on people working in the car battery industry (they are exposed to lead) showed that garlic reduced the level of the lead in their body system by 19%. Another recent study showed how it out performed a good drug known as penicillimine in reducing the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity. Why not include it in your diet to get rid of those harmful substances in your body system.

It also help to fight against illnesses: It has a lot of supplements that are capable of boosting your immune system. Just make sure you include it in your diet for you to really enjoy this. The most common illnesses that garlic combats include cold and flu as several studies have proven this to be true. Just recently, it was discovered that a few people with cold and flu had the days of their supposed illness reduce drastically by 67% because of they took some aged garlic extracts. Therefore there should not be any form of delay in adding garlic to your foods today.

It Can Increases Your Life Span : I guess this should not surprise you, having seen some amazing benefits of garlic we have discussed earlier. Even if there has not been any way to prove this scientifically but it’s just a common sense. It improves your immune system, fights against diseases, reduces the risk of heart diseases and among others are just enough reason to conclude that it will increase your life span.

Now that you know some reason why garlic should not be missing in your diet, why not spread love by sharing this piece to your friends and family using the social share button so as to touch there lives positively in your own way. Also remember to share your thoughts below using the comment section below! Thanks, hope to see you here again.

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